16 Powerful Breech Birth Photos That Prove It Can Be Done

breech baby

It can be terrifying for an expectant mom to discover that her baby is breech. This means that her little one's feet or bottom are positioned towards the birth canal and her delivery might not go as smoothly as envisioned. There can be complications when trying to give birth to a breech baby because the position can do damage to both mom and baby. Before deciding to go ahead with a vaginal, breech birth, moms and doctors need to consider the potential risks. But the good news is, it can be done. Whether it's the small portion of breech vaginal births or the much larger percentage of C-sections, breech birth is not only something that can be done safely, but also something that is simply is breathtaking.  


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According to Americanpregnancy.org, there are three types of breech births: Complete Breech, when the buttocks is pointing downward and the knees are bent; Frank Breech, when the buttocks is pointed toward the birth canal and the baby's feet are pointed straight up in front of their body or near their head; and Footling Breech, when one (or both) foot is pointed downward and will deliver before the rest of the body. 

According the website, breech births happen in 1 out of every 20 full-term births, which means that they are a lot more common than one might think. So have no fear about breech births, they happen often and a doctor will know what to do when the time comes for delivery. 

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Want more proof? Take a look at these amazing birth photos that show breech births that have been successful. They're sure to be an inspiration!