16 Powerful Breech Birth Photos That Prove It Can Be Done

Genny Glassman | Dec 26, 2017 Pregnancy
16 Powerful Breech Birth Photos That Prove It Can Be Done

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It can be terrifying for an expectant mom to discover that her baby is breech. This means that her little one's feet or bottom are positioned towards the birth canal and her delivery might not go as smoothly as envisioned. There can be complications when trying to give birth to a breech baby because the position can do damage to both mom and baby. Before deciding to go ahead with a vaginal, breech birth, moms and doctors need to consider the potential risks. But the good news is, it can be done. Whether it's the small portion of breech vaginal births or the much larger percentage of C-sections, breech birth is not only something that can be done safely, but also something that is simply is breathtaking.  

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According to Americanpregnancy.org, there are three types of breech births: Complete Breech, when the buttocks is pointing downward and the knees are bent; Frank Breech, when the buttocks is pointed toward the birth canal and the baby's feet are pointed straight up in front of their body or near their head; and Footling Breech, when one (or both) foot is pointed downward and will deliver before the rest of the body. 

According the website, breech births happen in 1 out of every 20 full-term births, which means that they are a lot more common than one might think. So have no fear about breech births, they happen often and a doctor will know what to do when the time comes for delivery. 

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Want more proof? Take a look at these amazing birth photos that show breech births that have been successful. They're sure to be an inspiration!

  • A Perfect Catch


    Sometimes a vaginal breech delivery goes smoothly. Photographer Lindsey Meehis wrote on her Instagram caption, "With a woman's innate trust in her body, informed consent and skilled care providers, this my friends is what breech can look like. Physiological birth in a warm bedroom, filled with love as daddy's hands guide his sweet little girl earthside." 


  • A Home Birth Her Way


    Photographer Ashley DeVoe tells CafeMom that this natural birth was incredibly special. "If we had been in a hospital, they would have been forced [to do an] internal C-section, [but] the midwife and doula where so knowledgeable and awesome."

  • Keeping Calm


    Alhough DeVoe notes that having a breech birth at home can be "dangerous and rare," she tells CafeMom that is went as smoothly as possible. "Mom and Dad were both calm through this whole breech birth process," she says. Which probably came in handy, once they realized that the little one was coming out feet first! 

    "I am so thankful I was able to be there and watch this little miracle be born," Ashley says. She writes on the blog Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy, "This is something I will likely NEVER see again. Only 3 percent of babies are born breech." What a beautiful sight! 

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  • To Catch or Not to Catch


    Doula and birth photographer Jennifer Wakefield caught this amazing photos series of twins being born; one born breech and the other transverse! On her blog, My Doula Heart, Jennifer explained that this mom had her vaginal breech birth in the hospital. "That’s a phrase one rarely hears," she wrote. 

  • A Surprising Feeling (or Lack of)


    "It’s upsetting we don’t have more trained and experienced providers that can catch breech babies," Jennifer wrote. "It’s upsetting that hospitals, administrators, and liability insurance companies have a hand in allowing providers to catch breech babies [and therefore many providers are warned against it]."

  • On His Own Terms


    "This little man came into this world exactly how he intended and on his own terms." Kara Kwansy tells CafeMom. "Vaginal breech birth is just as safe and often safer than a cesarian section for breech presentation."

    She adds, "There needs to be more education and support surrounding vaginal breech births and their safety as we do a disservice not only to families but also our medical system when we limit families choices. It was amazingly empowering and such an honor to be welcomed into this families birth space, vaginal breech birth is amazing!!" 

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  • Let's Be Frank


    According to birth photographer, Kate Kennedy, Mel’s pregnancy was relatively uneventful. "Her baby was growing beautifully and Mel was fit and well," she said. "It wasn’t until the final weeks that things started to get interesting, when it was discovered that Mel’s baby wasn’t head down all ready for birth, but instead was sitting in a frank breech position (presenting bottom first)." 

  • No Doubts Allowed


    Both Kate and mama Mel -- who is a midwife herself-- knew that patience and keeping calm were key.  As Kate explains, "For Mel to achieve a natural birth she could not be induced and needed labour to begin spontaneously, but she remained calm and trusting of her body and baby as she passed the 41 week mark. Finally baby Zoe decided on the 10th of April, that it was the perfect day to meet her parents."

  • A Gentle Delivery


    This little girl was born as a footling breech birth! Taken by Birthing Way Midwifery, this shot shows how carefully baby needs to be guided out of mom. Luckily, this little one has someone there to catch when she drops!

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  • Almost There!


    At this point, baby is so close to being out! According to Mama Natural, vaginal footling breech birth is incredibly rare, as the diameter of the babies feet is more narrow than their head or shoulders, meaning the feet can slip through before the cervix is fully dilated. But this mama goes to show that it's certainly possible.

  • A Gentle Tug


    This little one was born via a -section, which is often an option for babies born breech. Just take a look at those little feet that poke out of mom's belly. Just a gentle tug from the doctor and this baby is ready to meet mom!

  • A Journey Far, Far, Away


    This was a birth that crossed borders to happen! Photographer Blanca Gonzalez tells us, the exciting story: "[This] breech baby is [from] a mom who had prepared for a home birth in New Mexico. It is illegal to have breech babies at home in New Mexico, so she chose to travel to Texas." A journey worth taking we bet!

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  • A Peek at Greatness


    This birth held the attention of the entire OR staff, photogapher Inge Berkin tells CafeMom. "This was a gentle breech C-section," she says. "The plastic drape made it possible for the parents to watch their daughter being born. All the medical staff in the OR were focused on making this birth special!" Wow, look at that shot! 

  • A breech birth at home


    Linnea French shares with us this beautiful photo of her son being born breech at home. "It shows so much of what I love about home birth," she tells CafeMom. "The tremendous amount of love and support, my daughter watching, learning that birth and all that comes among with it is normal, the freedom of position, I'm on my hands and knees because my son was breech, and the light of my bedroom. There's no place I'd rather be at such an awesomely life shifting time." 

  • A Real Beauty


    This amazing shot shows how beautiful breech births can truly be! Born booty first, with his little legs tucked in, this little guy just falls into this doctor's hands. All mom needs is to give a good firm push and then her little one will finally be earthside! 

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  • Halfway There!


    It's almost time for this little guy to greet the world! Halfway between the womb and the outside world, this photo captures that rare moment when baby is in the middle of being born. Look at that sweet little tummy! Just one more push and this little one is good to go! 

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