This 'Sunny-Side Up' Birth Photo Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen


baby just born

There's no question that the things a woman's body can do are incredible and that childbirth is mesmerizing. But if you need a reminder of just how miraculous this process is -- or just want your mind to be blown -- check out this newborn's grand entrance that was actually removed from Instagram.


After photographing a rare birth, Kayla Reeder originally shared this impressive image on Instagram to show what it looks like when a baby is born "sunny-side up," or in the posterior position.

sunny side up birth
K Reeder Photography

During these deliveries, instead of seeing the top of a baby's head, you will see his or her face (specifically eyes, nose, or mouth) exit the vagina first. These deliveries are incredibly rare, as they only occur in one out of every 600 to 800 live births, or an average of about 0.2 percent. "In this case there were absolutely no complications, mom pushed her out in under ten minutes with ease," Kayla originally captioned the photo on Instagram.

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However, after Kayla posted the image twice -- once in color and once in black and white -- they were both removed within 12 hours of being shared, and this talented photographer wants people to realize the problem with social media's censoring of empowering birth photos.  

"I'm not the only birth photographer to have images removed and I won't be the last," Kayla tells CafeMom. "It's sad to think that this amazing moment of life is offensive enough to be removed. And while I realize birth isn't magical for everyone, you can't deny the beauty of this moment. The beauty of witnessing a fellow human breathe for the first time. There's nothing offensive about it."

Kayla didn't post the image to shock people; she did it to encourage and empower other women. "These images are meant to normalize birth, to show the beauty in what has been labeled a 'scary or 'gross' moment," she says. "Women's bodies are strong and amazing. That's what my Instagram is about and that's my hope with posting images such as this. If you don't like it, feel free to unfollow my birth-based Instagram or keep scrolling."   

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