Raw Photos Pay Tribute to the Extraordinary Work of Labor & Delivery Nurses

Momma KT Shoots/Facebook

A recent tribute to labor and delivery nurses posted by Jill Krause of the blog Baby Rabies -- coupled with an intimate picture taken by photographer Katie Lacer of Momma KT Shoots -- caused moms everywhere to reach for the tissues as they remembered their own awesome delivery nurses. After seeing how many were touched by her image, Lacer is opening her portfolio again, sharing powerful images of labor and delivery nurses doing an ordinary day's work that impacts women's lives in extraordinary ways. 

  • Lacer included moving captions with each photo. In this one, a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) comforts a mom-to-be during an unexpected cesarean.

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    No one hopes her birth plan ends in an unscheduled surgery. But if it does, the same nurse that helped you breathe through your contractions will be right there with you in the OR. 

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  • CNM Joanie McConnell from the University of Louisville supports mom Cheyenne.

    Having a supportive partner during your labor is great. But sometimes you need a nurse who's been through this a few hundred times before to reassure you that everything's going to be alright. 

  • Nicole Sichting, CNM at Clark Memorial Hospital, looks in on a mom in labor.

    Our nurses often share the physical exhaustion of labor with us, sometimes crouching, walking, or pacing alongside us like a helpful shadow.

  • CNM Katie Isaac supports a mom and fellow CNM through a home birth.

    They see us in our most intimate moments, and are totally unfazed when our bodies do something that we'd otherwise be mortified over. Poop on the delivery table? A veteran L&D nurse would never make you feel bad about it. 

  • Nicole Sichting, CNM, holds a baby moments after delivery.

    In addition to filling out charts and knowing all kinds of math and science, nurses have a job that's truly hands-on!

  • Jacqui McMillian-Bohler, CNM at the University of Louisville, awaits baby's arrival.

    These gorgeous photos and our words of gratitude can only begin to express how grateful we are for the work labor and delivery nurses do. It's so much more than a job. They come into our lives and not only change them, but help bring new ones into the world. 

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