15 Powerful Photos That Show the Beauty of C-Section Births

Image: Neely Ker-Fox

Neely Ker-Fox

For some reason, there is a strange stigma surrounding births that happen via C-section. Despite the growing number of moms speaking out about their C-section experiences, showing their C-section scars, and educating the masses about gentle C-sections, some moms still feel the unfair need to prove that their C-section counts as "real" birth. But birth is not a competition, and every woman should be celebrated for her unique birth experience.


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C-section shaming is just one more phase of the "mommy wars," and it needs to stop. That's why we put together this collection of awe-inspiring and beautiful photos of real moms welcoming their babies into the world via C-sections. For the mom who has been planning her C-section since the first day of her pregnancy to the mom who finds out she needs to have a C-section while she's in the delivery room, these photos prove C-sections are magical, special, and, yes, beautiful.

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Take a look at these gorgeous c-section deliveries and just try not to be inspired. Every birth is unique, and as these photos prove, every birth is valid, "real," and truly special.

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