33 Brand-New Baby Girl Names For a Unique Little Girl

Genny Glassman | Nov 21, 2019 Pregnancy
33 Brand-New Baby Girl Names For a Unique Little Girl
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Looking for a brand-new baby name doesn't just mean looking for something unique. It means being innovative and taking risks on names that haven't become trendy ... yet. Just think, someone had to be the first Jessica, Mary, or Rachel! Laura Wattenberg, the naming expert behind Baby Name Wizard, found 20 totally, 100 percent brand-new baby names -- and we think any parent would fall in love with them. 

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So, how do parents find a brand-new, never-before-used baby name? According to Wattenberg, look at language patterns and cultural trends. Says Wattenberg, "These names offer a sense of the extraordinary range of modern name style, and how far parents will go in search of the dramatic and the new.

Take, for instance, the emergence of science fiction or space names. Due to the popularity of, say, Game of Thrones, and outer space's influence on fashion, these two cultural trends have eventually found their way to how we name the next generation. Brilliant, right?

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So there it is! The recipe for completely brand-new baby names. Take a look at these names and see if it can be predicted which ones are going to be trendy. These truly are the names of the future!

  • Mazikeen

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    An original name for an original family, Mazikeen is the name of a beautiful demon on the TV show Lucifer. As Wattenberg notes, "The name's demonic bona fides go way back, though its use as a personal name is new." Don't let her villainous past dissuade you -- this can be a great name for parents who want to follow the sci-fi trend!

  • Curie

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    Pronounced "CURE-y," this name is taken from Polish physicist Marie Curie. Known as one of the most prominent female scientists, Marie Curie was kind of a badass. She won the Nobel Prize (twice), was the first female professor at the University of Paris, and basically coined the term radioactivity. Naming your daughter Curie means placing her in the legacy of greatness.

  • Furiosa

    little girl blowing a dandelion

    If you want to raise a strong girl, you might want to name her Furiosa. Charlize Theron's tough-as-nails character in Mad Max: Fury Road is brave, strong, and takes no prisoners. "It's one of the most extravagant film names since Cruella de Vil," says Wattenberg. "And if you're wondering, no, Cruella never crossed over to baby names." But don't let that stop you from bringing Furiosa to the charts.

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  • Million

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    No, it's not Millie or Millicent -- though both names have quickly been rising in popularity. Million is a much-needed update to its classic antecedents. A little taste of the future, if you will. As Wattenberg says, it's "futuristic robot chic."

  • Ezria

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    Here's a name that was created by the teen universe! Wattenberg says Ezria is actually the romantic "portmanteau" of Pretty Little Liars characters Ezra and Aria. Teens (and maybe some grown-ups...) "shipped" the two together, rooted for them over seven seasons, and created a fandom based on their tumultuous relationship. And now? We have a perfectly gorgeous baby name to thank them for.

  • Pippi

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    "The book Pippi Longstocking, by master name inventor Astrid Lindgren, was first published in English back in 1950 but only now makes its baby name debut," notes Wattenberg. The little girl with the bright red hair, Pippi Longstocking is a spunky little adventurer who teaches young girls to believe in themselves, and we can't think of a better role model than that!

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  • Blessence

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    Here is a perfect example of how modern language can create a brand-new name. Blessence is actually built from the words "blessing" and "essence," and Wattenberg reveals it's also the name of a maternity T-shirt line -- possibly the reason it's fresh on the baby name radar. This is a great choice for parents who want a unique and positive name.

  • Melanin

    Little girl sticking out her tongue

    A baby name that would make any little girl proud! Melanin is the pigmentation in our eyes, skin, and hair color. Lauren Wattenberg adds, "[The name] likely owes its emergence as a name to Senegalese model Khoudia Diop, whose self-given nickname 'Melanin Goddess' proudly celebrates her ultra-dark skin." Beautiful!

  • Franklynn

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    Playing off the -ynn trend, Franklynn is a cute derivative of Frank or the male name Franklin. Perfect for a tomboy or a girly-girl, this is a stylish name that will definitely get attention.

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  • Versailles

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    Versailles, the beautiful French palace, has lush gardens and beautiful architecture. "[It has] symbolized regal luxury for centuries," says Wattenberg. Even as a baby name, it evokes a sense of beauty, royalty, and class.

  • Zeplyn

    little girl running with geese

    Up, up, and away, little Zeplyn! This cute and spunky name is perfect for an adventurer and free spirit, just like the legendary rock and roll band Led Zeppelin. We aren't promising you that your little girl will be able to play the guitar like Jimmy Page, but this cute name certainly could help!

  • Iseult

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    Pronounced like Isolde, this name comes from the second most star-crossed lovers in all of literature, as Tristan and Isolde were illicit lovers in Arthurian legend. But, as Wattenberg notes, Iseult's appearance today may be due to a Queen Iseult in the TV series The Last Kingdom. Either way, it's a charming and romantic-sounding name.

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  • Laniakea

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    Following the space trend, Laniakea is actually the supercluster of galaxies where Earth is located. That's right, Laniakea is actually our home! It's also a gorgeous island destination. Says Wattenberg, "Laniakea means 'immense heaven' in Hawaiian, and shares its name with an Oahu beach." Lovely!

  • Caliber

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    Just hear us out on this one. Caliber follows the growing trend of fire-arm related boys names (think Trigger or Beretta), but can easily be used for girls! Or if this is maybe too far outside your comfort zone, Wattenberg suggests Callie as the perfect nickname.

  • Thatcher

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    Traditionally a boys' name, we think this name could follow in the trend of using boys' name for girls. Or maybe you're just a British politics buff, and you might be charmed by the name's connection to former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. 

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  • Lagertha

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    "This is perhaps the most unlikely of a mini-wave of Norse names inspired by the TV series Vikings," notes Wattenberg. Possibly due to the recent discovery that a famous warrior viking was a woman, or maybe due to the new TV show The VikingsLagertha is officially on the radar for parents looking for a name that's fierce and feminine and that no one else will have.

  • Hestia

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    Taken from the Greek goddess of hearth and domesticity, this classic name is sure to wow. The only question is how it took so long for people to take notice. "She [Hestia] was the big sister of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and the gang, but incredibly had never registered as an American baby name until this year," says Wattenberg.

  • Anakin

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    Get out your lightsabers, because it's a Star Wars name! Anakin Skywalker is the birth name of evil villain Darth Vader, and a hugely popular choice for baby boys in the US. "Now his dark force encroaches on the girls' side," jokes Wattenberg. "Can anyone stop him?" Probably not, and why would you want to stop a cute name like this one?

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  • Veruca

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    This name might remind one of the spoiled villain in Roald Dahl's classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But don't let that sour you on the name. As Wattenberg notes, it was also the name of cool '90s band Veruca Salt who made the indie jam "Seether." This name is truly one of a kind.

  • Linux

    little girl playing on monkey bars

    It's no surprise that parents are turning to tech for name inspiration, but Linux? It's not as "out there" as it seems. In fact, it's possibly a twist on the popular Lennox. "Lennox is also a fast-rising name, and when you think about it, all baby names are open source," jokes Wattenberg. Makes sense.

  • Eleven


    We all pretty much fell in love with Millie Bobby Brown and her character Eleven on Stranger Things, so why not name your little girl after her! And who knows, maybe she'll end up have some superpowers of her own.

  • Quinzel


    While the movie version of D.C. Comics's classic character Harley Quinn may have been a dud, that doesn't mean Quinzel (inspired by the alter ego of Harley, Dr. Harleen Quinzel) wouldn't make an adorable name.

  • Rwby


    Pronounced "ruby," this extremely unique name comes from the series RWBY, which stands for the initials of the four main characters. It also happens to correspond with their colors (red, white, black, and yellow).

  • Scylla


    It might not seem like a pleasant thing to name your child after a monster, but when it involves Greek mythology, we're gonna call it OK.

  • Eclipse


    No -- we're not talking about one of the Twilight books. We're talking about the astronomical event where the moon is obscured beautifully.

  • Xayah


    There's nothing more badass than a gamer name. Give your little girl the namesake of a rebel from the game League of Legends.

  • Luminara


    Any Star Wars fans out there? Skip Leia, and go for Luminara, the name of a Jedi Master. And let's just hope you grow up with a little girl that's as obsessed with the movies as you are.

  • Skadi


    Norse mythology isn't one that is commonly referenced but we think naming a little girl after a skiing mountain goddess is perfect for anyone longing for the outdoors. Plus, it's just cute!

  • Lunafreya

    Shari Murphy / Unsplash

    Another adorable gamer name, this one from the video game Final Fantasy XV is after the strong protagonist.

  • Jyn

    Omar Lopez / Unsplash

    The alliance fighter Jyn Erso from the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is another perfect choice for those Star Wars fans out there. It's an adorable name and a great role model for your daughter all wrapped into one nice package.

  • Xenovia


    The anime story High School DxD is both a TV series and a book series, and Xenovia is a study and a holy sword wielder.

  • Maze


    Nope, you're not naming your daughter after corn, but instead, after the beautiful demon Mazikeen, from the TV series Lucifer.

  • Cersei

    Jessica To'oto'o / Unsplash

    Honestly, there are probably several suitable names from Games of Thrones, but we love the idea of naming a little girl after the queen Cersei Lannister.

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