Can You See Ghosts in Sonograms? The Internet Says Yes

ghost in sonogram
Fox 43

Sonograms can be a mesmerizing experience, but for some parents-to-be, it's not only because of that first glimpse of a new baby. While looking at the images of their babies in utero, some parents spot more than a head, heart, or waving hand, and instead come across something more unexpected: ghosts.

  • What do you see? A Pennsylvania couple say they spotted a figure to the left of their unborn baby's face.

    Zac Smith and Alicia Zeek's sonogram went viral after they saw what they believe to be a bearded man looking over their unborn baby girl. The parents-to-be are convinced that the ghostly figure was Jesus, and even though they don't consider themselves to be very religious, they are confident in what they saw.

    "This is distinct -- I mean, there's another face looking at my daughter!" Zac told Fox 43.

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  • The couple found comfort in their sonogram discovery after Alicia experienced complications during her other two pregnancies.

    Whether you see Jesus or shadows, Alicia and Zac aren't the only ones to see surprising figures in their sonograms.

  • Do you see mommy's little angel?

    Kelly Lewis, a mom from the United Kingdom, shared her supernatural sonogram after seeing a "guardian angel" looking over her daughter, Harper.

  • Did Jesus make another guest appearance?

    Aley Meyer also thinks she saw Jesus in her womb, and this Indiana mom found the spiritual image as divine and not creepy. 

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  • Don't let the demon on the right, glaring at the baby, startle you.

    Although Jesus and deceased relative sightings can be considered reassuring, an Imgur user posted a sonogram of a grim ghost sneering at a friend's baby and it's beyond disturbing. 

  • This sonogram was filled with a grandfather's love.

    When Jade Hornsby took a look at her 4D ultrasound in London, she didn't just see her baby girl. Jade is also convinced that the image captured her deceased grandfather, Jack, kissing and meeting Lacey-Mae.  

  • Grandma is this baby's guardian angel.

    During Lindsay McHale's 4D scan, her husband mom's noticed something eerie on the screen: an image of grandma Kathy. Jon and his wife now not only see baby Madison in the sonogram, but also his grandma acting as a special guardian angel for their baby girl. 

  • Is that baby snuggling with grandma?

    Although Marcelo de Souza's mom passed away before his wife, Phamela, gave birth to their baby, this couple believes that grandma and granddaughter met in utero after taking a closer look at her sonogram. 

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