23 Absolutely Brand-New Baby Boy Names No One Else Will Have

Genny Glassman | Sep 8, 2017 Pregnancy
23 Absolutely Brand-New Baby Boy Names No One Else Will Have
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Most parents are looking for a name that is unique and special. And as an expectantparent, one might think she's heard every name under the sun. Luckily, baby names are being created every day -- especially some pretty epic new baby names for boys! These names are 100 percent new and never used. That's right, parents get to call dibs on these baby names before anyone else on the playground tries to nab them. 

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According to naming expert Laura Wattenberg at Baby Name Wizard, new names "[have] to represent a shift in style, an openness to new languages, spellings, or sources of inspiration, or simply the boldness to go where no name has gone before."

One might be a little hesitant to try something new. Just remember, as Baby Name Wizard tells us, "over 100,000 different names from Aaban to Zzyzx had already qualified in past years." That's right, there is a baby out there named Zzyzx.

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Remember, someone has to start the baby name trends! So take heart, be bold, and take a look at these as-yet uncharted baby name waters!

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  • Axon

    boy hanging out a car window

    Science is in right now, folks! Playing off this trend, Axon is actually a part of the nerve cell that conducts impulses toward other neurons, though Wattenberg notes, "As a name, it sounds more like a superhero (or villain)." Perfect for your little hero or a name with a little tech flair!

  • Drizzt

    boy playing with dinosaurs

    Okay, hear us out. This is a REAL baby name. For fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Wattenberg notes, "Drizzt is the name of a dark elf in the 'Forgotten Realms' world." But for us non-gamers, Drizzt sounds both foreign and futuristic. It is also hotly debated in the D & D community how exactly to pronounce this name, but we think the straightforward "DRIZT" is the best answer.

  • JohnOliver

    little boy with glasses

    For your little funny guy! JohnOliver is not only the name of the Last Week Tonight host, but a great punch up from more traditional names. We think the name sounds sweet, but will definitely get comedy vibes from anyone who meets him.

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  • Hux

    toddler playing baseball

    General Hux is a ruthless officer working for the dark side in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But don't let that stop you from considering this modern and cute derivative of Huxon. Adorable variations are Hucksley, Huckson, Huxton, or Huckston, as well! 

  • Grizzly

    little boy with an umbrella

    Perhaps because the name Bear rose in popularity due to Bear Grylls and newly born baby of Liam Payne, Bear Payne, we should have seen the name Grizzly coming. Derived from the North American grizzly bear, this name popped up due to hipsters' love of the outdoors. But don't let that stop you -- these Grizzlys are more like teddy bears. 

  • Negan

    little boy coloring

    A name for you Walking Dead fans out there! The fact that Negan is certified evil should not deter parents from considering this unique name. Says Wattenberg, "As we saw with the year's fastest-rising name Kylo, an appealing name can outweigh a villanous source." (Kylo Ren was, of course, the conflicted baddie in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.)

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  • Ocelotl

    little boy

    Pronounced "AH-see-lot", this name is perfect for parents that want to try something a little more original. According to Wattenberg, the name means "jaguar" in Nahuatl and there were even the Aztec "jaguar warriors" who were a fearsome group. Ferocious!

  • Maccabee

    little boy jumping over a puddle

    To be, or Maccabee, that is the question. The Maccabee, pronounced "Ma-CAH-bee," were ancient Jewish warriors and one of their greatest victories is actually the basis for the story of Hanukkah. But even if you're aren't looking for a name that is so specific, the name Maccabee evokes a sense of athleticism, heroism, and honor! Plus, as Wattenberg notes, you can give your LO the super cute nickname Mac.

  • Calcifer

    boy playing with blocks

    A name for you Miyazaki fans out there! Calcifer was the fire demon in the animated film Howl's Moving Castle. But don't let that intimidate you. In the movie, a Calcifer is friendly fire demon who basically helps cook food. Therefore, think of this name as both friendly and warm.   

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  • Klutch

    boy on a slide

    As in, "oh yeah, that's so KLUTCH!" Yes, this name is a little bit crunchy, but it also is positive and has a unique spelling. Says Wattenberg, "This is an interesting case where the creative spelling of the word has crossed over to baby names, while the common word spelling 'Clutch' does not appear in this year's name stats." Truly one of a kind!

  • Brodhi

    Little boy riding a bike

    Though you may be familiar with the more Americanized spelling (i.e., Brody, like Brody Jenner), Brodhi is sort of a cross between a preppy American first name and the Buddhist concept Bodhi (meaning enlightenment). Sounds creative to us! 

  • Eadric

    little boy

    This Olde English sounding name might have people wondering if you're a Game of Thrones fan, but no worries -- this name is purely based on history. As Laura Wattenberg notes, Eadric the Wild was an English resistance leader, and though his name has faded in notoriety, we think it could be a good name that has a noble connotation. 

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  • Brixx

    little boy on kayak

    This name has a bit of a British sound to it, right? According to Wattenberg, Brixx plays heavily on the trend of "X" names -- Brixen, Brixten, and Brixtin. In fact, action-sounding names are huge right now. So I guess we could say this name is pretty super!

  • Griezmann

    little boy in field

    Hello, soccer fans! This is the perfect name for you! This wouldn't be the first European soccer star to start a baby name trend (we can't even imagine how many babies are named Messi or Ronaldo), but French soccer star Antoine Griezmann might be the catalyst for a whole new trend. Goal! 

  • Dune

    mom and baby

    According to Wattenberg, this name covers two hot baby trends: sci-fi and one-syllable names. If you aren't familiar, Dune (pronounced "DOON") is the Frank Herbert cult-classic science-fiction novel. And for a more well-known reference, the sandworms in Dune were the inspiration for the sandworms in Beetlejuice. A good pick, if you want your baby to have a highly literary name!

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  • Fionnlagh

    baby eating from a jar

    Pronounced like "Finlay," this name is a Gaelic charmer. Gaelic names have risen in popularity recently, though you may prefer to go with the more Americanized spelling. Perfect if you want a name that will make your child seem well traveled, or if you're maybe just a fan of the TV show Outlander.

  • Ruaridh

    baby crawling

    Another Gaelic name for your little world traveler! Pronounced like "Rory," Ruaridh is actually a Scottish Gaelic name that means "red one." Again, you may prefer the Americanized spelling, but either way this name is cute and cuddly!

  • Aceston

    baby playing in a puddle

    Though nicknames are trendy, Wattenberg says sometimes parents want add a suffix that will add a little heft. Therefore a name like "Ace" becomes "Ace-ston," which is a nice, refreshing twist. Perfect for parents who want to lead the trends, not follow them.

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  • Lanceton

    boy listening to tin can phone

    If Lance doesn't catch your fancy, perhaps this new twist will capture your interest. Similar to Aceston, Lanceton is a new name based on parents' interest in adding heft and gravitas to a more casual baby name. And adding -ton to the name will make this name seem more classic than it actually is! Perfect!

  • Wilco

    baby and father

    If you're an indie rock lover then this is the perfect name for you! Following the hipster trend of rock & roll baby names, Wilco is the name of the 2000s band that is probably still playing at your local coffee house. We think this is a sweet name that will always start a conversation! Rock on, little guy!

  • Fenrir

    Boy playing at the playground

    Pronounced "FEN-reer," this name has origins in both old mythology and new mythology. In Norse mythology, Fenrir was a giant wolf, and in Harry Potter you might remember Fenrir Greyback as the ferocious werewolf. But don't let that scare you! This name can have an old-world charm that far outweighs its hairy background.  

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  • Lucchese

    little boy smiling

    Pronounced "Lu-KAY-zee," this Italian name holds a lot of intrigue. As Wattenberg notes, it's the last name of the nortorious New York crime family and the name of a classic company that makes cowboy boots. But that just means Lucchese has both mystery and swagger!

  • Astro

    boy playing in leaves

    A name that is out of this world! The name Astro has covered a lot of territory. "It's the name of a celestial prefix, a major league baseball team, the Jetsons' animated space dog, and a K-pop boy band," says Wattenberg. A baby name that still finds its place to shine, Astro sounds both futuristic and retro. 

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