23 Absolutely Brand-New Baby Boy Names No One Else Will Have


Most parents are looking for a name that is unique and special. And as an expectantparent, one might think she's heard every name under the sun. Luckily, baby names are being created every day -- especially some pretty epic new baby names for boys! These names are 100 percent new and never used. That's right, parents get to call dibs on these baby names before anyone else on the playground tries to nab them. 


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According to naming expert Laura Wattenberg at Baby Name Wizard, new names "[have] to represent a shift in style, an openness to new languages, spellings, or sources of inspiration, or simply the boldness to go where no name has gone before."

One might be a little hesitant to try something new. Just remember, as Baby Name Wizard tells us, "over 100,000 different names from Aaban to Zzyzx had already qualified in past years." That's right, there is a baby out there named Zzyzx.

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Remember, someone has to start the baby name trends! So take heart, be bold, and take a look at these as-yet uncharted baby name waters!

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