18 Actually Helpful Pregnancy Tips From Moms Who've Been There

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We all know that there is nothing that attracts unwanted advice more than the sight of a pregnant belly. I know I got my fair share of outdated, rude, or even dangerous advice throughout my pregnancy. Strangers mean well, but they aren't always the most "in the know" when it comes to the latest in safe pregnancy practices. Luckily, I also got some really helpful tips too, usually from my close friends who were already moms.


When you're struggling through the hardest parts of pregnancy, there's nothing better than knowing your loved ones have your back. I'll always be grateful for the friends who gave me good advice, supported me, and showed me that everything was going to turn out okay, no matter what I was going through. Pregnancy can be an exhausting and emotional time for any woman, but it's important to know you're truly never alone.

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In the spirit of sharing thoughtful advice and helpful tips, I rounded up the very best advice given to pregnant moms by their family and friends. Their tips, from everyone from grandmas-to-be to lifelong besties, are so useful that I just had to share. Click through for 18 brilliant pieces of advice that helped real moms get through pregnancy.

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