16 Moms Reveal the Most Mortifying Thing That Happened When They Were Pregnant

embarrassed pregnant woman

Ah, pregnancy. That magical time when women just glow, enjoy having fabulous hair and cleavage, and quietly celebrate the new life forming inside of them. Or, like the vast majority of women who are expecting a baby, we all spend nine months barfing in public, passing gas, crying randomly, choking down heartburn, huffing and puffing up every stair, and generally embarrassing ourselves in all kinds of ways no one warned us about.


Pregnancy is hard and, yes, because it involves massive changes in our bodies -- including our most basic bodily functions -- sometimes it comes with some wildly mortifying moments. Any woman who is expecting and intends to venture out in public, like ever, is hereby encouraged to read this "guide" to all the ways one might possibly lose a little bit of her dignity along the way. And for anyone who's already been there, well, it's nice to know we're not alone, right?

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On the condition that I not share their names, I got 16 of my friends to share their most embarrassing with-child situations. Read on for real stories of tears, poop, wet pants, and even one sexy moment gone seriously awry. For anyone who's about to become a mother, there's one major truth we might as well reveal now: Laughter is the best medicine for all the fun and troubles to come.

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