Mom's Twist on a Surprise Pregnancy Reveal Gets Epic Reaction From Dad-to-Be

Genny Glassman | Aug 23, 2017 Pregnancy
Mom's Twist on a Surprise Pregnancy Reveal Gets Epic Reaction From Dad-to-Be

surprise pregnancy reveal
Kara Quinn Photography (@karaquinnphotography)

A woman only get a few chances to truly surprise her husband. Maybe she pulls off a surprise birthday party, has an epic proposal planned, or makes her husband his favorite childhood meal when he's having a rough day. For Chelsie Morales, she got to plan and execute the perfect surprise baby reveal for her husband, Will. And to make things even better, she got it all on camera. Be prepared, because this surprise baby announcement was PERFECTION. 

Whether a mom got lucky on the first try or she's been trying to get pregnant for a while, the moment in which she gets to reveal her pregnancy to her partner is such a special one. She might be a little nervous, emotional, and excited all mixed up in one, and the anticipation can really creep in -- so much so that the moment always goes by faster than we want it to.

This mom-to-be really got it right by capturing her heartwarming reveal with her husband in photos. The sweet look on his face -- it's one she can go back to time and time again now. 

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Along with mom Chelsie Morales, we spoke with the photo shoot's photographer Kara Fishbaugh, who caught the exact moment Will learned he was going to be a father. Understandably, Kara tells CafeMom, "It was one of the best moments I have ever been a part of."


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