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Mom Who Held Her Maternity Shoot in Target Is Wonderfully Relatable

Pregnancy Jeanne Sager Aug 15, 2017

target mom photo shoot
Inspired by a True Story Photography

Moms love Target. It's one of the universal truths that binds us together, along with yoga pants and secretly hiding in the bathroom to eat a chocolate bar once in a while so the kids don't see. And one Missouri mom has taken maternal worship of the big red bull's-eye to the next level. That's right, she took her maternity photos in Target -- and we have to say, this mom is a GENIUS. Just think, she could take her pictures and pick up an extra pack of tube socks. 

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The story goes like this: Page Miller scooped up her young daughter Avery, grabbed her photographer friend Heather Pippin of Inspired by a True Story Photography ... and set out for the maternity shoot of all maternity shoots. It is pure mom goals.

As she weaves between aisles, grabs a Starbucks, and poses with home decor props, Miller takes the viewer on the best trip to Targé (or Tarj-zhay) before welcoming her new baby. TBH, this mom chowing down on a giant tub of cheese puffs is the version of all of us we wish we could be as we shop. We have to say it, Page Miller is living her best damn life. 

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So take a look at this quirky and fun maternity shoot. It might just spark the imagination of the next creative mama! 

1Ready to Do This

"The shoot initially was just an idea that came from me just wanting to do something different and Page [the mom] really loving Target," Pippin tells CafeMom. Page was more than game for something unique -- she's a photographer herself.

2Break Time

When the women (and little Avery) hit their local store, the reactions were positive. "Surprisingly nobody thought we were too weird -- except Brad, Page's husband, who would not be seen with us on this day!" Pippin says.

8Kisses by the Cold Stuff

Pippin says she loves that this is an homage to all the other "Target moms" out there. You know, the ones you catch giving sweet kisses to their kids in the freezer aisle!

11Hey There

Part of the photo shoot was Page getting to do the things moms secretly dream about. Like plopping down in the middle of an aisle and indulging those pregnancy cravings. 

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