15 Intimate Photos That Capture the Raw Strength of Birthing Moms

Image: Ali Feroah

mom squatting in labor
Ali Feroah

Though it is most common for women to give birth while laying down, there are some serious benefits to squatting while in labor. Squatting during labor can open your pelvis wider, help dilate the cervix, and reduce the need for an episiotomy or a C-section. 


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Not only that, but squatting can encourage rapid descent, require less baring-down effort from exhausted moms, and be an excellent way to keep your baby aligned as you push. Though you may not have any choice in your birth position, depending on your doctor and where you give birth, more and more women are curious about squatting while in delivery.

We found 15 incredible photos that show women squatting while in labor, that might just convince you to try it. 

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