Mom Shares Unbelievable Photo of Rare 'True Knot' in Her Daughter's Umbilical Cord

cutting the umbilical cord

Childbirth is an unbelievable experience. Everything about bringing a new life into the world is just as beautiful and magical as it is strange. And sometimes natural but uncommon occurrences like this mom's rare umbilical cord knot happen, which gives the experience an extra element of weirdness.

After a difficult labor and delivery, 28-year-old Rebecca Meldrum gave birth to her daughter, Poppy. Born four weeks early, the little girl weighed only five pounds and was quickly admitted into the NICU. Soon after, the proud mother took to Instagram to share something even more special about her new baby girl.

As it turns out, Poppy's umbilical cord contained a true knot -- something that apparently only happens to about 1 in 2,000 babies.


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A true knot certainly makes for an amazing birth story, but it can also be a cause of concern. The umbilical cord is responsible for getting proper amounts of nutrients and oxygen into a baby's bloodstream. The appearance of a knot in the delicate system can lead to the deprivation of oxygen and nutrients, which can cause brain damage and even lead to stillbirth.

Luckily, little Poppy seems to be fairing well. Her mother has spoken at length about the toll the entire process has taken on her. "I can honestly say I have never ever been through emotions like I have been through these last few days and I'm sure will continue to go through until we are all home together," Rebecca wrote in an Instagram post days after Poppy's birth via C-section.


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In reaction to her story, other moms have stormed Rebecca's Instagram to offer support and share their own stories. Some of them have even dealt with true knots themselves, and others are speaking on their experiences in the NICU.

As one commenter wrote, "Keep strong and try to stay positive, even in times where you may feel like you can't."

We are rooting for Poppy's speedy recovery!

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