35 Hipster Baby Girl Names That Sound Effortlessly Cool

Genny Glassman | Nov 15, 2019 Pregnancy
35 Hipster Baby Girl Names That Sound Effortlessly Cool
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Trying to find a distinctive baby name is a challenge. Parents want something different enough that no other kids in school will have it, but familiar enough that their child won't be plagued with confused faces when she tells someone her name. (Sorry, Pilot Inspektor.)  Know who knows interesting baby names? Hipsters. We scoured the most obscure coffee houses we could find to bring parents everywhere baby names that are totally obscure. *Hair flip*

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OK, so maybe we're being harsh. Hipsters aren't so bad. Because they value quality, literature, and the obscure, hipsters (meaning the mustached folk who frequent a locally owned coffee shop) have some excellent ideas for quality baby names. 

And we guarantee folks can find a name that they've never thought of, like Cecily or Wren! 

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With the help of BabyNameWizard, we found some cool and hip girls' names that we know are quirky enough for any crowd. And when that's done, take a look at our hipster boy names for some more inspiration to give any baby some true street cred. No fixie bikes or flannel required.



    baby on a skateboard

    This little one is made to be happy! Beatrix, from the Latin beatus, means "happy" or "she who brings happiness." Some more obscure Beatrixes were Beatrix Potter, who wrote the Peter Rabbit books, and Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill, Beatrix Kiddo.


    Baby playing in the sand
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    What's old is new again! Originally popular in the late 1800s, Magnolia is due for a comeback! Like the flower from which it gets its name, Magnolia is a floral and pretty name that nature lovers are sure to covet. 


    Little girl holding a camera

    A quirky name with a Native American heritage, Tallulah is a Choctaw name meaning "jumping water." It's also the name of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' youngest daughter, as well as the name of actress Tallulah Bankhead, and you know it's a hipster baby name if it's the name of one of the Novogratz kids from 9 by Design. Indie cred: approved.

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    Little girl walking in the snow

    Callie (pronounced "KAH-lee," not "KAY-lee") has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years. You might associate the name with Callie Shaw from the Hardy Boys novels, the character Callie on Grey's Anatomy, or Calliope (the Greek goddess of epic poetry). "Callie" was also the name of the protagonist in the Jeffrey Eugenides novel Middlesex. So many cool associations.


    Baby laughing in the grass

    No, this isn't a trend started by Jimmy Fallon. Fallon was once an Irish surname that came from the Gaelic follamhnus, meaning supremacy. It was also the name of one of the lead characters on the soapy '70s drama Dynasty, so it's got "vintage" cred.

  • EDIE

    little girl pulling down her sunglasses
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    Edie, like Sedgwick, the infamous muse of Andy Warhol. This name can be used as a standalone or as a nickname for Edith meaning "prosperous in war." We think both are fashionable choices.

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  • MAE

    Little girl at a wooden table

    A pet name of Mary and Margaret, Mae has become a popular name in its own right. Loosely meaning "pearl," Mae is often used as a Southern middle name; however, the actress Mae West did make it popular as a first name. Another famous Mae, with some cool hipster leanings, is the actress Mae Whitman.


    Little girl

    Piper has only recently become a popular name in the US, perhaps thanks to a little show called Orange Is the New Black. Originally an English and Scandinavian name, Piper means "one who plays the pipe." Cute nicknames for Piper are Pipes, Pippa, or Pepper. Sweet!


    Little girl and her dog

    A derivative of the name Frank, Frankie is a cute gender-neutral name that is particularly charming on a little girl. The name refers to both the French Franc and the German Frank, derived from the word for a type of spear, franco. Perfect for a sharp-witted little tomboy!

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  • NOLA

    Little girl sitting in a field

    Nola is a name that has a certain European flair. Both a city in Italy and a nickname for New Orleans, Nola is also a nickname for Eleanor, which comes from the Greek word Helene, meaning "light." Brilliant!


    Little girl playing with a turntable
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    Hipsters love Stevie Nicks -- that's just a fact. Which means you might like the name Rhiannon, after the popular song by Fleetwood Mac. In Celtic mythology, Rhiannon is the goddess of fertility, though some believe it is derived from the word Rigantona, meaning "great queen."


    Baby in sunglasses
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    What a sweet little name! Juniper comes from the evergreen shrub that grows berries, which are used to make gin! It's also the name of the beloved children's book character  Juniper "Junie" B. Jones. Another cool nickname for Juniper is Juno, much like the indie hit film by the same name.

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  • PRUE

    Baby sitting on a scooter

    Short for Prudence, Prue is sweet and charming in its own way. Prudence means "cautious" and "intelligent," just like the most well-known Prue, one of the Halliwell sisters from Charmed.

  • LIVI

    Little girl in a jean jacket
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    A derivative of Olivia, meaning "olive tree," Livi is a cool, hip, fresh-sounding name. We can just imagine her future career in a graphic design. Stay cool, Livi!


    Little girl listening to headphones

    Sophisticated and a little French sounding, Simone is actually a Hebrew name meaning "heard." Famous Simones include feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, and iconic singer Nina Simone. A chic name for a chic little girl!

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  • LUNA

    Little girl in a headscarf
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    Derived from the Latin word for "moon," Luna is a mystical name. If you're interested in astrology, Luna is also an alternative name for Cancers, whose sign is ruled by the moon. There are many famous Lunas, including Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and Luna the cat from Sailor Moon; even John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have a little Luna of their own! 

    Little girl in a bike helmet
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    Stella is the Latin word for star, which is fitting because this name is fabulous! There is a theory that the name Stella has been used in England since the year 1374, but the name really became popularized in the poem by Sir Philip Sidney called Astrophel to Stella. Shine bright, little Stella!


    Little girl with hair in buns
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    Oh, my darling Clementine! The ultimate in hipster baby girl names, Clementine is twee and precious. Clementine is actually the feminine form of Clement (the boys name) and the Latin clemens meaning "mild, gentle." 

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  • SIA

    baby girl wearing sunglasses

    Possibly the coolest pop star on the planet right now is the Australian singer Sia. Sia (pronounced "SEE-uh") is a Swedish name, derived from the word for "victory." Sounds sweet to us!


    Baby looking at a flower

    This is such a pretty name. Derived from the Latin word caecus meaning "blind" or "dim-sighted," Cecily was also the name of a third-century Christian who founded a church in the Trastevere section of Rome. She was later proclaimed a martyr and became the patron saint of musicians. 

  • WREN

    Baby giving thumbs up

    Hey, little Wren! An Old English name, Wren (pronounced "REHN") comes from the word wroenna. Wrens are also pretty cute little songbirds. Adorable!

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    Baby playing with blocks

    Blaire was originally a Scottish last name from the Gaelic word blar, meaning "dweller on the plain." Admittedly the most popular Blaire seems to be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, but we think that just adds to its sophisticated charm. 

  • ISLA

    baby eating its fingers
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    Pronounced "EYE-la," Isla has been steadily gaining in popularity since the 1990s, but only recently become well-known due to the actress Isla Fisher. Globally, Isla is a popular name in Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Now that's a name with international appeal!

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    Little girl pretending to fly

    A sweet, Southern-inspired name, Mabel is as cute as it gets! Mabel has many nicknames, including May, Maisie, Mabie, and Mabs. It also is the name of Bruce Willis and Emma Heming's oldest daughter, Mabel Willis.


    baby in polka dots

    Such an interesting name for a little girl! Alden, from the Old English Aldwine, means "old friend." That, plus the cool gender-neutral vibes, makes this an excellent choice to add to your list.

  • ZOE

    baby girl zoe

    Zoe sounds like a drummer in the best all-girls band  at her local high school. It's a really fun and short name, and is derived from the Greek zōē meanng "life." Perfect for a little girl raised with a true zest for it 

  • ALMA


    Alama is one of those "old is new again" names and we are here for it. Alama is a gender neutral name, and it has roots in both Latin and Spain. It means "nourishing" or "soul" respectively, so it is pretty profound name for any little girl. 



    Another delightfully gender neutral moniker, Auden is a a super cool name. It has an air of mystery about it, and sounds like it's a great name for a future author, poet, or someone in a creative field.



    Typically Charlie when given to a baby girl is short for Charlotte, but for edgy parents going with just Charlie is totally cool. Charlie sounds like she'd wear Chuck Taylors with a tutu, and we just love that duality. 



    Everette is rising in popularity for girls. A cute nickname derivative for it is "Evvy" and can you think of a cooler name for a hip little lady?



    This ancient name is having a major resurgence now and it is easy to see why. Not only is Freya simply a beautiful name, its roots are embedded deep in Norse mythology. Freya was considered the goddess of fertility and the most beautiful of all the gods. 

  • NORA 


    Thought to be an Irish name that means "light," the name Nora totally embodies that. It has a gorgeous soft sound and still has a vintage charm about it. 



    Delilah has such an old-soul feel to it. It also has a hyper feminine vibe that is just beautiful for a baby girl. Delilah is said to come from Hebrew origin and means "delicate." The name also gained a little fame when the Plain White T's hit song "Hey There Delilah" came out in 2005. 



    Daisy is such a cheerful and sweet name. It's an old-school name, something a true hipster would appreciate, with it reaching peak popularity in the late 1800s. It had a resurgence of popularity in the early 2000's, and still serves as a super adorable name today. 



    Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, and as far as it goes for a baby name, well, we can hardly think of anything more adorable. It's a fairly rare moniker, making it super appealing to hipster parents, and it flows effortlessly off the tongue.

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