26 Hipster Baby Girl Names That Sound Effortlessly Cool

Genny Glassman | Aug 9, 2017 Pregnancy

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Trying to find a unique baby name is a challenge. Parents want something different enough that no other kids in school will have it, but familiar enough that their child won't be plagued with confused faces when she tells someone her name. (Sorry, Pilot Inspektor.)  Know who knows interesting baby names? Hipsters. We scoured the most obscure coffee houses we could find to bring parents everywhere baby names that are totally obscure. *Hair flip*

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Okay, so maybe we're being harsh. Hipsters aren't so bad. Because they value quality, literature, and the obscure, hipsters (meaning the mustached folk who frequent a locally owned coffee shop) have some excellent ideas for quality baby names. 

And we guarantee folks can find a name that they've never thought of, like Cecily or Wren! 

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With the help of BabyNameWizard, we found some *cool* and *hip* girls names that we know are quirky enough for any crowd. And when that's done, take a look at our 25 Rare Hipster Boy Names for some more inspiration to give any baby some true street cred. No fixie bikes or flannel required.


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