21 Enchanting Baby Girl Names Inspired by Forgotten Disney Characters

baby with mini mouse ears

Finding the perfect baby girl name is hard, but for a Disney fan, there are dozens of magical options one has probably never considered. One might know the old standbys like Belle and Aurora -- but what about the characters that aren't princesses? The Pixar stars? And the lesser-known faves that complete the beloved classics? For the true Disney devotee, all of these amazing female characters are fair game as inspiration for great baby names. 


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Why do fans love Disney so much? From the storytelling, to the humor, to the life lessons, and to the company's latest move to create more dynamic female characters, fans have grown with these characters that warm their hearts. 

That's why we wanted to dig deep and find the best baby names for the Disney or Pixar lover. With the help of BabyNameWizard, we compiled some of the prettiest and most iconic Disney baby girl names from characters that don't quite make the A-list of Disney stars. There are sure to be new names ripe for baby-name discovery!

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So grab a tiara, a little bit of pixie dust, and make a wish upon a star, and join us in the Never-Neverland of baby girl names! 


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