This Mom's Sweary Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Is Winning the Internet

Courtney Woods with daughters

The Internet is full of creative pregnancy announcements that inspire moms-to-be to go beyond the classic photo with your peed-on pregnancy test. Some people schedule an elaborate photo session, while others look for endearing ways to spread their good news. And then there are moms like Courtney Woods, whose sweary pregnancy announcement tells the world she's expecting again in the most "expletive" awesome way.


The Rose & Marigold blogger is winning the Internet thanks to a four-letter-word photo that perfectly sums up how many women feel when they find out they're with child.

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Oh sh*t. (LOL.)

funny pregnancy announcement

"Oh sh*t was literally the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw the positive test," the soon-to-be mom of three reveals CafeMom.

"I was SO excited to start this adventure over again, but also really nervous. Eight months ago, [my family and I] moved to a completely new place with no family around, new doctors, more babies than arms -- all of the normal worries. So many 'Oh sh*t' moments for me. I knew this was the perfect way to go about our announcement!"

Courtney also tells CafeMom she has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which doctors said would make getting pregnant without fertility treatments next to impossible. Given that all of her children, including baby number three, weren't planned -- so Mom wouldn't stress on the process and could just enjoy the trying (*wink*) -- the use of "Oh sh*t" is beyond perfect for this family.

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And, of course, the people of the Interwebs LOVE this pregnancy announcement.

"This is pretty AMAZING!" one Instagram commenter writes.

"Best announcement ever! Huge congrats!" notes another.

With so many people head-over-heels for this visual pregnancy reveal, Courtney says she's happy it resonates with other moms, especially those who have PCOS.

"I've had moms who have gone through the same experience message me saying how much they love it and others who just think its funny," Woods tells CafeMom. "Of course there are some negative comments, but that's just social media for ya -- right? People like to judge without knowing the entire story (even if it's posted right in front of them). This is just who I am!"

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