21 Magical Baby Boy Names Inspired by Forgotten Disney Characters

baby with mickey mouse ears
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The wonderful minds at Disney and Pixar have made some of the most incredible animated films the world has ever seen. From Snow White to Moana, the characters in these movies are heroes to fans young and old. Which is why many Disney lovers look toward their favorite characters for baby names! Hey, if a mom already has the custom baby-sized Mickey ears, she might as well have the baby name to go with it.


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What is it about Disney that has won them millions of fans? Well, we could name a few things: Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled ... THE LION KING? Ever heard of these classic feats of animation? Maybe it was the moment that Mulan decided to pose as a man to bring honor to her family -- or when when Woody and Buzz decided to put their differences aside to become friends. But either way, Disney films touch our hearts and make things a little more magical. And we aren't the only ones to think so.

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Here, we compiled the most unique, memorable, and downright cute baby names for a little future Disney fan. Start a little one's life off right with a name that will surely impress any Mickey, Minnie, or Goofy at Disneyland! 

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