21 Magical Baby Boy Names Inspired by Forgotten Disney Characters

Genny Glassman | Aug 4, 2017 Pregnancy

baby with mickey mouse ears
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The wonderful minds at Disney and Pixar have made some of the most incredible animated films the world has ever seen. From Snow White to Moana, the characters in these movies are heroes to fans young and old. Which is why many Disney lovers look toward their favorite characters for baby names! Hey, if a mom already has the custom baby-sized Mickey ears, she might as well have the baby name to go with it.

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What is it about Disney that has won them millions of fans? Well, we could name a few things: Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled ... THE LION KING? Ever heard of these classic feats of animation? Maybe it was the moment that Mulan decided to pose as a man to bring honor to her family -- or when when Woody and Buzz decided to put their differences aside to become friends. But either way, Disney films touch our hearts and make things a little more magical. And we aren't the only ones to think so.

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Here, we compiled the most unique, memorable, and downright cute baby names for a little future Disney fan. Start a little one's life off right with a name that will surely impress any Mickey, Minnie, or Goofy at Disneyland! 

baby with mickey mouse ears
Katsyiarina Pakhomava/Shutterstock

  • Peter


    Peter Pan is dashing and daring, a brave little boy who sometimes is too confident for his own good. Outside of NeverlandPeter is both a Latin and Greek name, loosely meaning "a rock" or "a stone." A perfect name for a little guy who will always be young at heart.

  • Robin


    Pooh's faithful companion, Christopher Robin, is a classic Disney character known for his playful nature. But Robin is a good choice if you're a Disney fan who loves a unique name but doesn't want to be too "out there." Robin is most often used as a nickname for Robert, but these days it stands on its own as a nod to the bird of the same name. Sounds sweet as honey to us!

  • Gus


    Gus is Cinderella's cute little mouse companion, and we think it makes a totally great baby name! Gus is a nickname for Augustus and Octavius (hence little Gus's real name in the movie Cinderella). Augustus means "great" or "venerable," while Octavius means simply "born eighth." Not mousy at all.

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  • Mickey


    When Walt Disney originally created his iconic character, Mickey Mouse, he wanted to name him Mortimer. His wife felt the name was too "pompous," so she suggested Mickey instead, which became the 165th most popular baby name in the 1950s. These days, it's not nearly as common. All the more reason to bestow the classic title on your own iconic character.

  • Sulley


    James P. Sullivan or "Sulley" is the only big blue monster we'd like to find hiding in our closet! This big, lovable guy is the best scare-er in all of Monsters Inc. -- though secretly we all know he has a heart of gold. While Sulley is traditionally a shortened version of Sullivan, we think this name has enough charisma to stand all on its own.

  • Chip


    There are two memorable Chips in the Disney Universe. The first being one of the two mischievous chipmunk brothers, Chip and Dale, and the other being Mrs. Potts's teacup son in Beauty and the Beast. Chip is most often used as a nickname for Charles, but we think it's cute enough to steal the show.

  • Kristoff


    Frozen is best known for the amazing princesses, Elsa and Anna, but who could forget Anna's lovable male sidekick, Kristoff? Derived from the Greek Christophoros, Kristoff is unique spin on the classic Christopher that sounds fresh and sophisticated -- even for a character who sits around serenading his pet reindeer.

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  • Philip/Phillip


    Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty is both brave and heroic, and saves Aurora by giving her true love's first kiss. But did you know that the writers of Sleeping Beauty named the character after Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II? Philip comes from the Greek Philippos, meaning "lover of horses" -- and it's still a popular name around the world. 

  • Aladdin


    "Riffraff! Streetrat!" Aladdin isn't like that. Aladdin is an optomistic, freespirited, and generous character, often using his wit to get him out of sticky situations. In Arabic, Aladdin means "faithful," or "nobility of faith," making this the perfect choice for a gentle soul in a whole new world.

  • Jaq


    Jaq (a nickname for the French Jacques) is another beloved mouse companion to Cinderella. Known for his intelligence and friendship with Gus, Jaq is loyal, helpful, and protective of those he loves. As a name, Jacques is descendant of the Hebrew name Jacob, meaning "supplanting, seizing by the heel."

  • Eric


    Skilled and adventurous with the heart of a true romantic, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid loves the sea. The name Eric comes from the Norse name Eirikr, meaning, "eternal ruler." Though the name has dropped in popularity in recent years, Eric remains a popular choice for a boy's name.

  • Pascal


    Possibly the best character in Tangled, the chameleon Pascal is a courageous, loyal, and hilarious sidekick to Rapunzel, and he genuinely makes us laugh out loud! This is probably because the screenwriters of Tangled based Pascal on silent film stars Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. If that isn't enough to convince you, Pascal is also the last name of the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who was one of the creators of the first mechanical calculator. It's the perfect choice for someone funny and brilliant!

  • Flynn


    A nontraditional hero, Flynn Rider from Tangled is lovably arrogant, but he always comes through for the ones he loves when it counts. In Gaelic, Flynn is derived from Flann meaning "the red haired one," but we think this one's a winner across the board.

  • Shang


    Mulan is the hero of her own story, but we still have a soft spot for her captain (and eventual crush) Shang Li. Shang in Chinese means "to soar," which this character does in the face of danger and adversity. Such a courageous name!

  • Baloo


    Just the bare necessities with this one! Lovable Baloo from The Jungle Book is an all-time favorite Disney character. But did you know the name Baloo comes from the word for "bear" in Hindi? With his laid-back attitude and gentle nature, Baloo would make a wonderful choice for a unique baby name.

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  • Buzz


    Buzz Lightyear, Buzz Aldrin -- if you give your little guy this masculine, friendly name, he'll be in some very good company. While Buzz has never topped the name charts, it's a familiar-sounding name that offers the benefit of still being incredibly rare and unique. Plus, the little guys who rock this name go on to do great things!

  • Gaston


    Though he may have been a big, brutish buffoon (say that three times fast!) in Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is a stately baby name you don't often hear in the US. In French, Gaston means, "guest" or "stranger," though interestingly in Spanish, Gastón can mean "free spending." If you're looking for a name with a little European flair, Gaston should definitely be on your list. 

  • Remy


    OuiOui! Say yes to this name! Remy, the mouse from Ratatouille, proves that great things come from surprising packages. His love of food and superior sense of smell gets Remy into one of the best restaurants in Paris, but his culinary skill is what makes him a "little chef." To us, the name Remy is sweet yet sophisticated and implies great talent.

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  • Dash


    It's lucky for this speedy little guy that he was born to be an Incredible! With superhuman speed, agility, and reflexes, Dash is quite the handful. As a name, however, Dash is a cute, masculine name that sounds like a future athlete.

  • Nemo


    Sweet, shy Nemo is one of Disney's most beloved protagonists and was named after Captain Nemo from the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Surprisingly, this name has never ranked among the top 1,000 baby names in the US. But we can see Nemo being a cute name for an adventurous little guy who loves the sea! 

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  • Russell


    Curious and committed to the Wilderness Explorers, Russell is the cutest character in Disney's Up. The name Russell is actual French in origin, and comes from Roussell meaning "red-haired." In fact, Roussell was a nickname for redheads that the Normans brought to England. Of course, you don't have to be a redhead to go up, up, and away with this name!