21 Popular British Baby Boy Names Perfect for a Charming Little Gent

baby boy with bow tie

What is it about the British that American citizens just love so much? From the afternoon tea and delicious scones to their fancy accents, some folks can't seem to get enough of everything British! Tired of hearing the same baby names over and over again or stressed about what distinguished name to settle on? Then maybe it's time to take a journey across the pond for a little inspiration for a royal prince who is about to be born.


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Deciding on a baby's moniker is just one of the first of many major decisions that parents have to make that will potentially follow their kiddo through life. Between trying to settle on something that will stand the test of time but also won't be so common that everyone else in class has it, there's a lot of pressure! However, sometimes it can help to explore other locations for inspiration.

With the help of BabyNameWizard.com, we rounded up some popular British baby names that we know parents-to-be love too! From Alfie to Ollie, these refined names will mature with baby instead of leaving parents second-guessing their decision.

So pull out a biscuit (cookie) and pour a big "cuppa" -- it's time for some British baby names!

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