21 Popular British Baby Boy Names Perfect for a Charming Little Gent

Genny Glassman | Jan 30, 2020 Pregnancy
21 Popular British Baby Boy Names Perfect for a Charming Little Gent
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What is it about the British that American citizens just love so much? From the afternoon tea and delicious scones to their fancy accents, some folks can't seem to get enough of everything British! Tired of hearing the same baby names over and over again or stressed about what distinguished name to settle on? Then maybe it's time to take a journey across the pond for a little inspiration for a royal prince who is about to be born.

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Deciding on a baby's moniker is just one of the first of many major decisions that parents have to make that will potentially follow their kiddo through life. Between trying to settle on something that will stand the test of time but also won't be so common that everyone else in class has it, there's a lot of pressure! However, sometimes it can help to explore other locations for inspiration.

With the help of BabyNameWizard.com, we rounded up some popular British baby names that we know parents-to-be love too! From Alfie to Ollie, these refined names will mature with baby instead of leaving parents second-guessing their decision.

So pull out a biscuit (cookie) and pour a big "cuppa" -- it's time for some British baby names!

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  • Alfie

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    There is no one cuter than little Alfie! Originally derived from the Old English word Aelfred, meaning "elf" and "counsel," Alfie is a magical name. Elves were once thought to be able to see in the future, which is why it's fitting that this names denotes "a wise counsel."

    There are a few popular famous Alfies, including Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen, but we think this makes the name even more unique!

  • Kian

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    Pronounced "KEE-in," this charming name packs lots of meaning. Cian was a Celtic hero and is a popular name in Ireland, though Kian is a more popular variant. Interestingly, in recent years, Kian has become popular here in the US as well, rising in the ranks of the 1,000 most popular baby names to #487 in 2015. How gallant!

  • Sebastian

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    A popular name that you won't just find "under the sea," Sebastian is an elegant title that hasn't yet found favor here in the States. In Europe, however, the name is incredibly popular and Sebastian can often be seen in pop culture. Think Scottish Indie-band Belle and Sebastian, Sebastian and Viola from Twelfth Night (or She's the Man), and of course, notorious crustacean Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid.

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  • Reuben

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    Both a delicious sandwich and an adorable baby name, Reuben is truly delightful. The name itself is derived from Hebrew, meaning, "behold, a son!" Reuben was also the oldest son of biblical figures Jacob and Leah.

  • Lewis

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    A truly sweet name for a truly sweet little boy! Lewis is derived from both French and German and loosely translates to "famous in war." Off the battlefield, there are many notable Lewises, including musician Lewis "Lou" Reed, writer Lewis Carroll, and C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia. Though the name has declined in popularity in recent years, Lewis is a good-natured name for a good-natured boy! 

  • Harrison

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    Would you believe us if we told you that Harrison translates to "son of Harry"? Well, it's true. Harrison is a name from the Middle Ages and means exactly what it sounds like it would. Popular pet names for Harrison range for Harry, Sonny, Harris, or even Hank in some cases! More interestingly, there are several notable Harrisons, including Harrison Ford, George Harrison, Rex Harrison (who played Henry Higgins in the film adaptation of My Fair Lady), and two former US presidents, ninth president William Henry Harrison and twenty-third president Benjamin Harrison. Whew, that's a name with a lot history! 

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  • William

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    Well we all know one famous Englishman who bares this British name! William is an incredibly popular both across the pond and here in the US, though few know that it originated in Normandy. It is a composite name, from the words willeo ("will, determination") and helm ("protection, helmet"). A small fun fact about Prince William: His family nickname was "Wombat." Cheers, Wills!

  • Jenson

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    A popular name in both England and Wales, Jenson is a unique moniker for your little gentleman. Meaning "son of john," it is perhaps a little too quirky for us in the states -- but keep an open mind. Today's daydreamers are tomorrow's trendsetters!

  • Callum

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    Pronounced "KA-luhm," this name is derived from the Latin Columba meaning "dove." Interestingly, the name Callum first appears on the US top 1,000 baby names in 2008, though it has always been extremely popular in areas of Britain, specifically Scotland. Perhaps it's time for Callum to take over!

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  • Jayden

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    Though there is a slight allusion to minor biblical figure Jadon, Jayden is a relatively new name, bursting to popularity in the US because of Will and Jada Pinkett's Smith's son Jaden and Britney Spears's son Jayden. Though this name's origins sounds particularly American, Jayden is a popular choice in New Zealand, Wales, Canada, Ireland, and Australia (i.e., many countries that have ties to England!). Talk about international influence!

  • Rory

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    The last high king of Ireland before a Normish invasion was Rory O'Connor. Since his reign, Rory has become a popular baby name for boys in Ireland and eventually made its way to the rest of the UK. In its original Gaelic, the word is Ruairí, meaning, "red" or "rust colored" -- a name dignified for a king if we ever saw one!

  • Kai

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    Though the name Kai is seemingly simple, it originates from many different countries and has different meanings in multiple languages. In Hawaiian, it means "ocean"; in Japanese, it means "open, ocean, or shellfish"; and in Persian, it means, "little king"!

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  • Jaxon

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    We guess the rule is that if a name ends in "son" (or a similar spelling), it must mean "son of..." because naturally, Jaxon means "son of Jack"! Jack means "God is gracious," and Jaxon has one common nickname, Jax. Jax sounds about as British as it gets!

  • Leon

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    Leon is a name for a proud little fellow! Leon, meaning "Lion," is one of the most popular names in Switzerland, Austria, Norway, England, and Germany. Quite a list of credits! Still not convinced of its popularity? Channel rock 'n' roll swagger, and think of American band Kings of Leon. Time for this little guy to roar!

  • Ibrahim

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    Ibrahim is not only a popular name in the UK, it is also the Arabic form of the prophet "Abraham," meaning "father of many." Though you may be more familiar with Abraham as a Christian or Jewish figure, in fact, Abraham is the founding figure in all three of these major religions. Therefore, it's fair to say that Ibrahim is a name with deep meaning. 

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  • Sonny

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    Not just a term of endearment from your grandparents, Sonny is a popular name that denotes a "young boy." It's also a cute and friendly name that is guaranteed to earn your child many admirers. Just look at famous Sonnys: Sonny Bono of Sonny and Cher;  Sonny More aka Skrillex. Sounds like this little guy is going to be bright!

  • Reggie

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    The name Reggie may not sound very British, but it's actually derived from Reginald! The name is originated from the Middle English word Reginaldus, which combines ragin ("advice, counsel, or judgment") and wald meaning "ruler." And, just in case you couldn't think of a famous Reginald, did you know Elton John's real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight?

  • Arthur

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    We're sure you're familiar with the mythic King Arthur and his knights of the round table, but did you know the name Arthur also comes from Celtic word artos viros, meaning "bear man"? No matter how you look at it, Arthur is a strong name for a noble little gentleman.

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  • Ollie

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    Sweet little Ollie! Derived from the French name Olivier (meaning "olive tree"), Ollie is a good alternative if you're looking for something less stuffy and formal. 

  • Ellis

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    If you're looking for a name with a little more meaning, you might want to consider Ellis. Originating from the Middle English "Elijah," Ellis is a variant that means "God is salvation." And, interesting fact: When writer Emily Bronte wanted to published her only novel, Wuthering Heights, she used the pen name Ellis Bell. How truly British!

  • Felix

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    There is just something about the name Felix that feels British. Perhaps it is because the historical Felix of Burgundy was a saint and the first bishop of East Anglia (the southeastern coast of England). Though here in America, it might just bring to mind the cartoon Felix the Cat! Puurrrr-fectly acceptable in our opinion!

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