15 Stunning Photos of Moms 'Delivering' Their Own Babies

Genny Glassman | Aug 25, 2017 Pregnancy

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People can read all the books and watch all the videos, but having a baby is something that a person really need to experience for herself to truly understand. For many moms, childbirth is the first time they get to see just how miraculous their bodies really are. Through pregnancy and labor, one can imagine what it will be like to give birth, but nothing actually prepares someone for what that big moment will be like when it arrives.

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Despite what we see on TV and in the movies of a woman in labor always on her back in a bed, the ways to deliver a baby are practically endless. Some moms give birth standing or squatting, some moms deliver via C-section, and other moms opt for water births, a birth center, or even giving birth at home. But one thing all moms have in common is that they simply can't wait to meet their babies and welcoome them to the world.

The moms in these photos were all so excited to welcome their babies to the world that they couldn't leave all the work to the doctors and nurses. They all reached down and helped "deliver" their own babies during labor. Their photos are raw, real, and totally unique, and they prove just how amazing moms really are.


  • Mom to the Rescue


    "This was the moment I welcomed our fourth baby into the world," this mom writes in her submission to the Birth Without Fear Instagram account. "When I discovered I was pregnant I was determined to have a maternal-assisted C-section ... So, when the day came ... I was standing there next to the surgeon scrubbing up just as she was. Half an hour later I was lying on the operating table watching my son's head being pulled from my womb. I reached down and put my hands under his arms and lifted the rest of him out of my own body. It was the most incredible thing I have ever done."

  • A Gentle Welcome


    In this photo by Vannessa Brown Photography, you can see this baby pushing its way through the water, which is a reminder of how gentle water births can be. Though mom looks like she's in pain, you can see her guide baby out and into the world. Good work, team!

  • A Happy New Addition


    "This birth was a beautiful unmedicated birth at a brand new birth center in Portland, Oregon," photographer Jeannette Lee tells CafeMom. "Mama is a midwife herself and this was her fourth baby. She already had two boys and a girl, so it was a fun surprise when their little girl got to announce 'it's a girl!' All of the kids were present for the birth and it was magical to watch them act as little doulas to their mama."

    She adds, "Sam had a few pushes through the crowning phase and then shortly after that, baby's head was born. The midwife told Sam she could reach down and finish birthing her baby, and she did just that. [It was] an honor to witness such a strong and beautiful mama."

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  • Water Baby Wonder


    This mom, captured by K RO Photography, looks enraptured by the experience of welcoming her baby into the world. It must be truly amazing to feel your little one's arms as they are split between you and the outside world. The definition of awesome!

  • "It Left Me Speechless."


    Mom, Brittany P., tells her photographer Danielle Albini, "This was it, the moment I realized I can do anything I put my mind to. Any parent would agree, meeting your baby for the first time is quite amazing. Having the opportunity to guide him into this world with my own hands left me speechless. I fell in love harder and deeper than I ever imagined in this moment. I am so grateful to have it documented as beautifully as I remember it."

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  • The Strength She Has


    On Instagram, birth photographer Monet Nicole writes, "One of the many things that I love about the midwifery model of care is that the family is at the very center." As you can see by this mama, she has a circle of love and support as she welcomes baby to the world!

  • Something Truly Unique


    "They didn't know what [the sex of the] baby was before she was born," birth photographer KimBerly Eckhardt tells CafeMom. "[Mom] labored on her hands and knees most comfortably, with Dad putting pressure on her lower back. As she started pushing, the midwives and myself noticed that baby was coming out posterior. As Mama leaned back to bring her baby out of the water while she pushed we also found that the baby was en caul with her hand on top of her head! It was such an amazing experience. Mom was such a rock star; I am proud to have been able to capture this moment for her to look back on for years to come."

  • The Exact Moment


    In this photo by Jessica Austin Childbirth, the mom gently guides her little one out into the world as she pushes. You can even see the baby's little cry while still underwater. Beautiful!

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  • En Caul Arrival


    This little person, captured by Keely Kilmer Photography, came out en caul (meaning still in the amniotic sac). Did you know that many cultures consider babies born en caul to be lucky? We believe it!

  • An Amazing En Caul in the Car


    This mom shared her incredible story on her Instagram. "I started having contractions. I was only 29 weeks and 4 days so I just figured they were Braxton-Hicks and decided to wait it out," she writes. "After about 45 minutes of consistent contractions that were increasing in intensity I decided I should probably go in.

    "Well, the contractions continued to get closer together and more intense, and before I knew it ... it was time to push. I called 911 because I was so scared. They couldn't understand me between the screams with contractions. So I handed the phone to my fiancé. I pulled my pants off and reached down, [and] sure enough his head was right there. I pushed one time and my miracle baby was here. When I looked down I realized he was still completely wrapped in the amniotic sac."

  • Above Water


    "To this day, it still blows my mind that we actually grow tiny people inside of us, and being able to give parents the ability to look back on those little people coming into the world is my true calling," says photographer Katia Grondin.

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  • Having it Her Way


    "I hired a doula (she was also my photographer) and had an amazing drug- and intervention-free birth.  This picture is me finally getting to hold my baby before anyone else," this mom writes on the Birth Without Fear blog.

  • A Happy Surprise


    This mom gave birth to a rainbow baby, but didn't know the gender until she was here! Birth photographer Selena Rollason tells the story on her Instagram, "Mabel arrived in a VERY quick birth in December and provided Mum and Dad by being the most beautiful addition to their family. The couple didn't know the gender of their baby until the moment of birth and boy was it worth it." Surprise! 

  • A Victorious Smile


    "That moment of pure joy when you realize you've 'done it' is like no other on earth!!" writes birth Photographer Selena Rollason on Instagram. "This incredible Mum not only 'did it' but she did it by herself -- perfectly delivering her own beautiful baby." Stunning!

  • A Winning "Catch"


    This mom, captured by Brisbane Birth Photography, was standing when she "caught" her own baby during her delivery. There a million ways to give birth, but one thing is clear: Watching these moms meet their babies for the very first time is truly stunning.

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