15 Stunning Photos of Moms 'Delivering' Their Own Babies

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People can read all the books and watch all the videos, but having a baby is something that a person really need to experience for herself to truly understand. For many moms, childbirth is the first time they get to see just how miraculous their bodies really are. Through pregnancy and labor, one can imagine what it will be like to give birth, but nothing actually prepares someone for what that big moment will be like when it arrives.


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Despite what we see on TV and in the movies of a woman in labor always on her back in a bed, the ways to deliver a baby are practically endless. Some moms give birth standing or squatting, some moms deliver via C-section, and other moms opt for water births, a birth center, or even giving birth at home. But one thing all moms have in common is that they simply can't wait to meet their babies and welcoome them to the world.

The moms in these photos were all so excited to welcome their babies to the world that they couldn't leave all the work to the doctors and nurses. They all reached down and helped "deliver" their own babies during labor. Their photos are raw, real, and totally unique, and they prove just how amazing moms really are.


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