15 Daring 'Game of Thrones' Names Perfect for Baby Boys (or Kings)

Genny Glassman | Jul 14, 2017 Pregnancy
15 Daring 'Game of Thrones' Names Perfect for Baby Boys (or Kings)
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jon snow

Who will reign on the Iron Throne? As the much-anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones kicks off, we can hardly keep still with anticipation! This show has brought us some of our favorite TV moments, and some of our least favorite TV moments. But more importantly, we like to think of the deep and lasting impact of GoT, and what better way to do so than with baby names?

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You may have caught our list of the 15 fierce female Game of Thrones names perfect for baby girls (or dragons), or perhaps you're a newly expecting GoT mega-fan. Either way, naming your baby after a character in Game of Thrones is guaranteed to be unique and special.

  • Petyr

    Little Finger and Sansa

    No, we aren't going to recommend naming your baby Little Finger! Petyr (or Peter as we know it outside of Westeros) is a classic name with a Game of Thrones twist. Derived from the Latin petra or petros, meaning rock or stone, the spelling of this name is unique, but the sound is familiar. What a scheme!

  • Ramsay

    Ramsay Snow

    Look, I'm not saying you are a monster if you name your baby after Ramsay Snow, man of pure evil, but I've got my eye on you. Ramsay is a Scottish name that means "strong," which doesn't exactly sound like the guy who flays people's skin and sliced the joy off of Greyjoy. Though Ramsay Snow may be pure evil, we're sure your little bundle will be a delight.

  • Jon

    Jon Snow

    King of the North! Sweet and pure of heart, the name Jon is as popular outside of the show as Jon Snow is with fans of GoT. Though his journey has taken him to dark and twisted places, we can't wait to see if Jon is crowned king of the Iron Throne.

    R + L = J, friends! 

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  • Robb

    Robb Stark

    What makes the name Robb unique is not just that Robb was murdered and we're still not over it, it's that there are two b's at the end of his name. Named after Robert Baratheon, Robb Stark was heir to the Stark name, the golden boy, the man who did what he was supposed to, and he was slain because of it. Outside of Winterfell, Robert is composed of the Normic words "hroud" (fame) and "perht" (bright).

    Are we boring if we had a crush on Robb Stark? ... Never mind, never mind, keep reading.

  • Joffrey


    Joffrey is NOT popular among GoT fans, but should that tarnish this name forever? Don't answer that. While this name may not be on the radar for most fans, it comes from the English Geoffrey, or Jeffrey, both of which are unique and much sweeter than the character whose name they inspired.

  • Jaime

    Jaime Lannister

    Fallen from grace, Jaime Lannister is a controversial character, neither hero nor villain. The best thing Jaime has going for him is his friendship with Brienne of Tarth! A good choice for either boys or girls, Jaime is sure to be popular for years to come.

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  • Tyrion

    Tyrion Lannister Surrounded by Guards

    The cunning and kind Tyrion Lannister won over fans and actually inspired a boon of baby names in 2012. We think Tyrion is a name that connotes leadership, intelligence, humor ... and wine -- uh, we mean wit.

  • Tarly

    Sam Tarly and Gilly

    We know you were expecting us to say Sam or Samwell, but hear us out. Tarly, Sam's last name, would make both a unique and charming first name for either a girl or boy. On the show, Sam is a loyal, studious, and generous friend, and a constant companion to Gilly. Sounds like a sweet name to us!

  • Jorah

    Jorah and Daenarys

    Loyal in his devotion to Daenerys, Jorah is the name of a faithful companion. Perhaps this is dooming your child to the seas of unrequited love, but we'd like to think this makes a wonderful alternative to Jasons, Joshes, and Jareds of the world.

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  • Theon

    Theon Greyjoy

    Things finally seem to be picking up for the least lucky rake in all of Westeros. Theon is a short and spunky name that gives us a feeling of spontaneity. It can also be a less commonly used nickname for Theodore. How fortuitous!

  • Renly

    Renly Baratheon

    One of the many pursuers of the Iron Throne, Renly Baratheon perhaps was the least likely to become the next King of Westeros. Though he did hold favor with Brienne, Renly was the youngest Baratheon brother and was killed by the Red Woman, Melisandre. In real life, we can see Renly being a sweet and Southern-sounding name that is sure to woo some admirers.

  • Gendry

    Gendry, Arya, and Hot Pie

    It seems that we'll finally learn what happened to Gendry this season! Fans have long waited to see if this friend of Arya is the true heir to the Iron Throne and if this will affect the schemes and dealings of the Starks and Lannisters. For a baby boy, Gendry is strong name, denoting friendship, strength, and integrity.

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  • Bran

    Bran Stark

    If you're looking to switch things up a little bit, Bran could be a wonderful alternative to Brandon. On the show, Bran was similarly named after his uncle Brandon. We'd also like to think that Bran's burgeoning ascent into becoming the Three-Eyed Raven means that the name Bran implies wisdom, forethought, and clairvoyance

  • Khal

    Khal Drogo

    The ongoing popularity of Khal Drogo is a true testament to the show -- or perhaps to the popularity of Jason Momoa. Nonetheless, naming your child after Khal means raising a warrior, someone with honor, and a natural-born leader.

  • Hodor

    Hodor and Bran

    Hold the door, everyone! (Too soon?) Though naming your child Hodor might seem a little wacky, Hodor would make a wonderful boy's name, implying generosity, friendship, and selflessness. 

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