Photo of Ultra Rare Face-First Birth Has the Internet in Awe

Baby being born

The miracle of childbirth is truly a sight to see. And just when you think you've seen it all, there are photos like this one that take your breath away over and over again. Samantha Garcia Gagnon's incredible photo of a baby being born face-first is beyond amazing and reiterates the marvels of giving birth.

Gagnon, a Canadian doula, birth photographer, and founder of The Maya's Nest, witnessed this unbelievable "face presentation" birth during one of her client's labor experiences.

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Full face presentation delivery
Samantha Garcia Gagnon/The Maya's Nest

Face presentation childbirths are quite rare, as they only occur in one out of every 600–800 live births. Unlike common vaginal deliveries -- where LO comes out facedown or with the crown of the head visible -- face presentation births put baby's face on full display, which results in breathtaking images like this one.

"[This] was the first presentation [birth] I have ever witnessed," Gagnon tells CafeMom. "... I am so grateful that my client allowed me to share this rare moment publicly so that people can see the possibilities in birth."

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Since Gagnon shared her client's image online, hundreds of people have reached out to tell her how amazing the photo is -- including another mom who experienced a face presentation birth herself.

"I birthed my face prestentation babe this past February," the mom wrote in response to Gagnon's photo on The Maya's Nest Facebook page. "Such an empowering birth! So cool to see what he looked like coming out!"

Others have been quick to point out what a badass birthing mom Gagnon's client is.

"She has an AH-mazing pelvis!" one commenter on The Maya's Nest website points out.

No matter how you look at it, this is one seriously miraculous birth photo.

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