30 of the Most Gender-Neutral Baby Names in America Right Now

Tanvier Peart | Jul 17, 2017 Pregnancy
30 of the Most Gender-Neutral Baby Names in America Right Now
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If you're expecting a child, there's a pretty good chance you've gone bonkers once or twice trying to choose the perfect baby name for your little one. And with tons of options readily available -- for both boys and girls -- you just might feel as if your head is going to explode. Thankfully, there are gender-neutral monikers that make life a whole lot easier. Who says a name has to be "boyish" or "girlish"?

Doing all of the heavy lifting for us, BabyNameWizard.com has created a master list of unisex baby names across the US that are full of gender-neutral feels. "The list is in descending order of gender balance, so that the names at the top are closest to perfectly 50-50 unisex," Laura Wattenberg, founder of BabyNameWizard.com, notes.

"I've collected every baby name that's currently given to significant numbers of girls and boys in the United States," she explains. The cutoffs: at least 200 total babies born last year -- and a sex ratio of no greater than 3:1.

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So, without further ado, here are the top 30 most unisex baby names in America. 

Happy searching!

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  • Charlie

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    Though the name Charlie is often associated with "full-grown man" -- or the mysterious boss of three ass-kicking angels -- this baby name is just as much for girls as it is for boys. An estimated 3,448 babies born in 2016 were named Charlie, with 51 percent of girl babies donning this classic moniker.

  • Oakley

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    If you have a thing for the name Oakley, consider yourself one cool parent-to-be. Not only is this title head-to-toe adorbs, but Oakley happens to be one of the baby names that will be insanely popular this year. Yup, you got bragging rights!

  • Justice

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    Whether you're a fan of the DC Comics superhero group the Justice League or simply have a thing for fairness, Justice is a strong title that makes for a wonderful baby name option for little boys and girls. More than 1,200 babies born in 2016 were given this name, with 53 percent of girls rocking Justice with pride.

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  • Landry

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    While the name Landry could have you looking for the nearest Fluff-'n'-Fold (ba dum dum tiss), it's a unique baby name with tons of gender-neutral feels. Germanic in origin, Landry hails from Landric that's thought to mean "powerful ruler." 

    Pretty cool, right?

  • Armani

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    Armani needs no introduction, as this voguish moniker is quite the striking force. Thought to be Persian for "freeman," Armani is a fashion-forward baby name that's almost 50/50 when it comes to parents' bestowing this title on boys and girls (46 percent of babies named Armani born last year were girls).

  • Skyler

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    This baby name will likely have your head in the clouds -- and for good reason. Aside from having a heavenly aura about it, Skyler is thought to have Dutch roots and means "scholar" or "learned one." We love this airy unisex title that keeps our eyes on all things above.

  • Azariah

    Today a jungle gym, tomorrow a mountain

    Biblical baby names will forever be a popular option for expectant parents, which makes Azariah a short list contender if you happen to dig titles like this. Hebrew for "YAHWEH has helped," Azariah is catchy, uncommon, and a hit among both boys and girls who don this title. Out of the 656 Azariahs born in 2016, 55 percent were girls.

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  • Salem

    super cute African-American children

    As you might've guessed, the place-name Salem isn't exactly topping the charts when it comes to the most popular baby name lists, but it is full of wonder nonetheless. Both Hebrew and Arabic for "peace,"  the name Salem was given to 331 babies born in 2016, with 56 percent of them being girls.

  • Campbell

    brother and sister

    Campbell is a baby name that's "Mmm, mmm, good!" Often associated with the infamous canned soup brand, this unisex title is a Scottish surname with Gaelic feels (it comes from béul that means "crooked mouth"). 

    While you might assume Campbell sounds like a name for little boys, BabyNameWizard.com reveals 56 percent of babies named Campbell born last year were in fact girls.

  • Ramsey

    babies playing with blocks

    In the mood for another Scottish surname-turned-first name? Try Ramsey. Hailing from the Old English hræm that means "raven" -- along with other sources of inspo -- Ramsey sounds pretty badass and gives us a few Game of Thrones feels. (Ramsay. Raven. So many hat tips!)

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  • Murphy

    Cutie pie child

    Though the name Murphy isn't super common (286 babies born in 2016 had the name), it is a noteworthy unisex option. It hails from the Gaelic Murchadh ("sea warrior"), and 43 percent of babies named Murphy born last year were girls.

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  • Sidney

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    Don't let this name fool you -- Sidney is gender-neutral. Derived from the Old English sīd ("wide") and ieg ("riverside meadow"), this moniker was all the rage in 2005 and has the potential to make a comeback.

  • Dominque

    Portrait of little African-American girl playing

    When we think of the name Dominique, images of gymnasts Dominique Dawes and Dominique Moceanu -- and even Dom from the Fast and Furious franchise (okay, so his name is Dominic, but it works!) -- come to mind. 

    Dominique is a no-nonsense title that doesn't take crap from anyone. After all, the name does come from the Latin dominus that means "master," so you better bow down.

  • Finley

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    If you're not rocking with the name Finley, honey, you are missing out on life! Aside from the fact that 2,961 babies born in 2016 are donning this title, Finley is also noted as a baby name that will be wildly popular in the next decade. Gaelic for "fair-haired warrior," Finley is perfect for little girls and boys.

  • Royal

    Closeup of mother holding her daughter

    In case you aren't hip to the trend, regal baby names are hot this year, which makes the title Royal so perfect for your short list. Royal is regal, unforgettable, and a great way to reiterate how much of a prince or princess your child is to you.

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  • Robin

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    With the name Robin, your kid might feel inspired to rob from the rich to give back to the poor. (Don't let them, though. That's illegal.) Unisex through and through, Robin is a beloved pet name of the classic Richard (means "bright fame") your child will love. 

  • Frankie

    Children giggling

    Drew Barrymore might've been onto something by naming her second daughter Frankie. Aside from being an adorable name, Frankie is a familiar choice that's a playful alternative to the vintage Frank. 

    And just when you think Frankie is for the gents, BabyNameWizard.com reveals 59 percent of babies with this moniker born last year were in fact ladies.

  • Lennon

    cheerfully cute children

    Wanna a little insider info? Here it is: Vintage celebrity surnames are on trend to be huge this decade -- with Lennon earning top remarks. Often inspired by Beatles guitarist John Lennon, Lennon is a rhythmic moniker that will never go out of style. It's Irish for "small cloak" or "cape," and 1,095 babies born in 2016 proudly carry this title, with 59 percent of girls born last year claiming the name.

  • Yael

    Wrapped newborn in lying basket

    Pronounced yah-EHL, Yael is quite the uncommon baby name that has great potential to wow expectant parents' socks off. It's Hebrew for "strength of God," and a little over 300 babies born last year received this title, with 41 percent of those newborns being girls.

  • Denver

    Little boy sleeping in the big bed

    Place-names can be so much fun. Whether you choose a location moniker to honor a memorable trip or occasion, or simply like it just because, one title you should consider for your list of baby names is Denver

    Come on -- it's pretty cute!

    Old English for "green valley," the name Denver was given to 448 babies born in 2016 (40 percent were baby girls), which makes the title a rare unisex choice. 

  • Hayden

    Little boy

    Parents for the most part are well acquainted with the name Hayden. One of the most popular 2016 unisex titles on BabyNameWizard.com's list, Hayden, an English surname, is split 60/40 between boys and girls born last year who were given this baby name.

    It's a pretty awesome choice that inspires us to send a "Heyyy!" Hayden's way.

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  • Casey

    Happiness young mother with his son have fun

    What parent wouldn't want her child to be "watchful" or "vigilant"? Heaven knows being more attentive would come in handy to prevent kids from walking and spilling their juice cups -- or leaving Lego landmines for parents to step on.

    Should you happen to dig these two traits, know they surround the Gaelic Casey

  • Emerson

    Little girl playing alone

    Celebrities like Shonda Rhimes and Teri Hatcher seem to love the name Emerson, given both stars gave the moniker to their daughters. Emerson seems to be a fairly attractive baby name for parents, as 3,163 babies named Emerson came into this world last year -- with 62 percent of those newborns being girls. Plus, the title gives us swoon-worthy nicknames, like Em and Emmy. #Winning

  • Rowan

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    Your child doesn't have to be a "little redhead" in order to use the name Rowan. Hailing from the Gaelic Ruadhán, Rowan, pronounced ROH-ən, is another popular unisex baby name on BabyNameWizard.com's list, with 3,522 parents bestowing it on their children in 2016.

    Admit it, you like Rowan -- so go ahead and use it, mmkay?

  • Baylor

    Baby girl showing sweet emotions

    Who knew English surnames make for awesome gender-neutral baby names?

    Baylor is yet another option that could have some envisioning campus life at the popular Texas institution, Baylor University. Old German in roots (it means "one who delivers goods"), Baylor has studious feels and earns an A in style.

    Two cheers for Baylor!

  • Dakota

    Surprised face of asian cute little girl

    Judging on the name's origins, the Dakotas of the world might just make for amazing "friends" or "allies," helping you round up your kiddos or being a shoulder to cry on when #momlife just takes you there.

    Hailing from the Siouan dakóta, Dakota can also be considered a place-name (think North and South Dakota) -- and could even be a hat tip to actresses Dakota Fanning or Dakota Johnson.

  • River

    Two little kids having a good time

    And we're rolling, rolling. Rolling on the river.

    Don't act for one second like Tina Turner's jam "Proud Mary" didn't come to mind when you saw this name. River is one of those baby names that just flows and evokes memories of sitting near a calming creek.

    Obviously, life will be anything but calm once you have kiddos, but we can wish, right?

  • Remy

    Newborn baby african american

    The name Remy brings the fire (or should we say "ShETHER," if you're a fan of rapper Remy Ma) that makes this title too hot to handle. It's French for "oarsman," and over 1,000 parents blessed their children with this moniker last year, making the gender-neutral Remy an OG on this list.

  • Emory

    Close-up outdoor portrait of beautiful adorable toddler girl

    All parents would love for their child to become a future "leader," which makes Emory a foreshadowing choice for expectant moms and dads. Plus, Emory gives us darling nicknames like Em and Emmy that make it even more lovesome.

    We'll take it!

  • Joan

    Baby girl sitting on a potty outdoors ,holding toilet paper

    Joan. Joanie. Joan-Joan. Jay.

    See how much fun we can have with this baby name?

    While you might look at Joan and think it's just for the ladies, believe it or not, only 37 percent of babies born last year with this Hebrew-inspired moniker (Joan means "Yahweh is gracious") were girls.