19 Popular British Baby Girl Names That Need to Cross Over


Picking the right baby name can be a difficult decision for those looking for something that feels both classic and fresh. Our friends across the pond have always had a way with words, whether that be Shakespeare, Austen, or even Doctor Who. English names have both literary weight and a cheeky modernity, and along with the 20 most popular baby names in Scotland, there's also these stunning baby names from England that soon-to-be parents are loving!


From hardcore anglophiles or just a casual Downton Abbey fans, Enland is a popular source for baby name inspiration, and it's no surprise why. Let's be real, it's indisputable that the British have a certain style worth emulating. 

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Our friends at BabyNameWizard.com have handily compiled a list of the most popular girl names in England; from Alice to Zara, we know these names are aces! And like all Brits, we truly believe these names are paired best with a scone and a cup of tea.

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So hop on the tube and take out a wands, writing quills, Union Jack, and a sonic screwdrivers. These names are fitting for both a queen and a commoner. Trust us, these are 19 baby names that will make anyone say, cheerio!

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