17 Gorgeous Photos of Kids Helping Their Moms Through Labor

kid helping mom with labor
Krista Evans Photography

When a baby is born, life doesn't just change for the new parents. If there are older kids in the house, a birth changes their entire family dynamic too. It's no wonder an increasing number of parents are opting to invite their older children to take part in the birthing experience, allowing them to welcome their new siblings to the world. It might sound a little strange, but allowing children into the delivery room gave these parents a sense of family. 


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Having kids in the delivery room can be a daunting idea. A delivery room is already fast-paced and there are usually lots of adults urgently moving around to get mom ready for baby. But as more and more parents are opting for a home birth, the option to have their children in the birth room seems more and more appealing. Just think, the whole family gets to be together when the newest member is born. We asked moms and birth photographers to share some of the most amazing moments of kids helping their moms get through the labor experience. From little doulas to mini midwives, these kids show that birth is truly a family affair.

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