Is It Normal? Swollen Ankles

swollen anklesThere are plenty of un-fun pregnancy symptoms -- constipation, morning, sickness, trouble sleeping, peeing a little when you sneeze.

Braille93078 asked moms in Pregnancy if it's normal to have swollen ankles, too -- and what you can do about the swelling.

Here's what moms had to say.


Swollen Ankles During Pregnancy

With my first I was swollen everywhere and they said it was OK -- just relax and put your feet up. -- rachelsmom3

A little is normal, a lot is not -- I had a lot of swelling in my ankles, knees, and face and wound up with preeclampsia and had to be induced. Check your blood pressure and then keep an eye on it going forward, too. -- mamachristine

It's normal, but if it gets very uncomfortable or if the swelling is sudden, then you should see your doctor. It could be a sign of preeclampsia. Put your feet up for a while, and if you sit at a desk at work, put a box under your feet to elevate them and take frequent quick breaks to stretch your legs. -- MomToBelSaMom

Try some ice! -- bambi1105

Have you had swollen ankles while pregnant? Was it a lot of swelling or a little, and what did you do to relieve it?

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