The 30 Most Unforgettable Celebrity Baby Names of 2017

Tanvier Peart | Jul 7, 2017 Pregnancy
The 30 Most Unforgettable Celebrity Baby Names of 2017
Image: Eric Gaillard /Reuters / Splash

Eric Gaillard /Reuters / Splash

2017 has been a busy year, with celeb baby after celeb baby making their grand debuts. But, most of all, we've been blessed with some seriously memorable baby names that make you stop and take pause. Some are more traditional and some are ... interesting? Some of them are completely normal (thankfully). But no matter what, we know you're going to find these 30 names totally inspiring. 

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As Laura Wattenberg, founder of, notes, these monikers are quite the varied collection. "The style impulses are all over the map, but one theme that leaps out is length," Wattenberg tells CafeMom. "Almost half the list is made up of 'mini names,' four letters or shorter." 

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Another trend Laura has noticed is celebrities turning familiar words into unconventional baby names for their children. "It's a way to invent a whole new name that's already imbued with meaning -- and that people can already spell and pronounce," Wattenberg adds.

Intrigued to see which baby names are all the rage across Tinseltown? You just might be surprised. Here are the nominees for the best celebrity baby name of 2017.