15 Truly Dramatic Baby Names Inspired by Norse Mythology

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When it comes to ancient mythology, it's easy to rattle off names like Zeus and Hercules from Greek folklore -- or Jupiter and Neptune, should one happen to fancy Roman legends. While many of these myths have inspired movies and TV series in modern times, there are other legends on the scene with untapped baby names that deliver a mighty roar. We found a few of our favorites that are bound to make many future baby name lists. 


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Whether folks are fans of Thor, have enjoyed Game of Thrones, love fantasy movies, or stay glued to the Vikings series, baby names inspired by Norse mythology just might dethrone previously celebrated titles. 

To create our list, we decided to get a little help from a professional. As Emily Cardoza from BabyNameWizard.com notes, these Norse baby names are unusual but extremely unique. "All have roots in Nordic and Germanic languages, with many found directly in mythological stories," writes Cardoza. So, let's fasten our belts and brooches as we hoist the sails upon these unconventional Norse titles.

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 Read on to see which Norse names made our top baby name list! 

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