Mom Says a Free Pregnancy App Saved Her Unborn Baby's Life

Emily Eekhoff

An increasing number of parents depend on apps to get through everything from pregnancy to breastfeeding to recording their baby's milestone moments. But as Iowa mom Emily Eekhoff learned recently, some apps aren't just helpful -- they can save a baby's life. Literally.


Eekhoff was 33 weeks pregnant with her second child when she noticed something different about the baby. Eekhoff -- a frequent user of Count the Kicks, a free app devised by a nonprofit to help reduce the incidence of stillbirth -- noticed her baby's movements were not happening as frequently and they weren't as strong as usual. 

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Emily Eekhoff

The app confirmed what Eekhoff was sensing -- her baby's movements had changed. It was all the confirmation she needed to head to the hospital ... where Eekhoff ended up undergoing an emergency C-section.

When doctors delivered her baby girl, Ruby, they found her umbilical cord had wrapped tightly around her neck three times over. Doctors said her mom's sixth sense -- and the confirmation from the app that things were not right -- is what ultimately saved the baby girl's life.

As Eekhoff told Good Morning America:

"The app helped me to know her patterns of movement so when the pattern changed, I knew something was wrong, which did save her life. Because I might have waited longer had I not known her patterns or been using the app, and that could've been too late."

Emily Eekhoff

Kick counting is something doctors often recommend for moms, especially those with high-risk pregnancies. But as any mom who's dealt with pregnancy brain knows, counting isn't enough. You also have to track what's going on, that way you can truly gauge whether things have changed.

That's where the app comes in, allowing you to not only enter your kick count each day but also set up reminders so you count around the same time each day and can make comparisons in your baby's level of activity.

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The app, which was developed by five moms who all lost babies to stillbirth or infant death, even works with multiple pregnancies and on a variety of devices. It's an easy, potentially life-saving way to stay in tune with your baby each and every day. And you can't exactly beat the price for a little peace of mind ... 

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