18 Awesome '90s Baby Boy Names That Need to Make a Comeback

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If we close our eyes and click our heels hard enough, we might transport ourselves back to the days of side ponytails, day glow T-shirts, and baggy jeans. The '90s were a special time for many millennials. Nickelodeon gave us tons of memorable shows, movies like Jurassic Park were blowing up the big screen, and celebrities like the band Hanson were making the jams we were painting our toe nails to. All of which is to say that the '90s could become inspiration for the perfect baby name.


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Whether folks refuse to stop watching Ahh, Real Monsters episodes on the Internet, can't help but say "I'm outtie" at their coworkers as they leave for the day, or are still rocking their baby dolls dresses and butterfly clips, this walk down memory lane will hit harder than the Macarena.

Speaking of '90s tunes, turn up the OutKast, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys! We can't get enough of our throwback station on Pandora -- and guess what? They totally make great inspiration for baby names! 

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Here's a look at some rad stars, shows, and '90s memorabilia that give us the most nostalgic of baby names. We promise it will be all that and a bag of chips, super fly, and totally phat. Outtie 5000! 

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