20 Abandoned Baby Names No Other Kid in Class Will Have

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Choosing a baby name is one of the most high-pressure tasks every new parent faces: Whether mom or dad is looking for something unique (but not too unique) or trendy (but not too trendy), it can be tough to strike a balance. What's an expecting couple to do? Well, we've got everyone covered. It's easy to check out the most popular names of the moment, but what about the least popular? You might have heard of some outrageous baby names, such as Pilot Inspektor or North West. But we promise these picks are closer to Chandra and Nat -- different, but not too different. It'll give your little one the space to shine without putting them in a lifetime compromising position. And yes, they're all perfect for the playground right now, too.

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For parents who don't want a bunch of kids in class to have the same name as their kiddo, coming up with the a unique moniker can feel like major pressure. But baby naming experts from Nameberry recently compiled a list of names that no parents are using at all -- and we mean it. Not one single child in the US was given any of these names in 2016. Not a one! That totally gives parents free reign to claim a name for their baby no one else is likely to have. Parents-to-be looking for a little something special in their baby name search should check out these 20 picks from the list of most-maligned monikers today that could deserve a little more respect (or not!). 

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