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20 Baby Boy Names That Exploded in Popularity This Decade

Pregnancy Tanvier Peart Jun 13, 2017

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When choosing a baby name, it's not uncommon for expectant parents to look to a variety of sources for inspiration. Some moms and dads are interested in the classics while others search for undiscovered gems. Some trendy baby names are only around for a little while but others really catch on.

Nameberry.com has "analyzed the Social Security baby names data of 2016 versus 2006 and identified which names have exploded in use over the past ten years and how those combine to create the major baby name trends of the decade." Crunching numbers and noting trends, the website has identified the hottest boy baby names of the last 10 years. These are the ones that were barely used before 2006 but now are a big hit with new parents.

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Curious to see which baby names saw a huge surge over the last decade? The answers might surprise you.



120. Lennox

Kicking off Nameberry's list is Lennox, a name that has a cool feel -- maybe because of the two n's and the x ending. Hailing from the Gaelic leamhanach that means "elm-trees," Lennox is an adorable name full of vintage wonder.


219. Major

Superlative-inspired baby names have been extremely trendy the last decade; that's one of the reasons why so many people love to love Major. Commonly associated with music, a high-ranking officer, or just something significant in general, Major is a title that packs a pretty big punch. And, seeing as this baby name is 12 times more popular than it was 10 years ago, it's pretty safe to say that Major is, in fact, majorly hot.


318. Jaxton

There's a pretty good chance you've heard the name Jaxton. A remix of the classic English surname Jackson, Jaxton is 12 times more sought-after now than it was a decade ago. Plus, it's pretty damn cute.


516. King

While we're on the subject of kings, the simple name King is getting more popular too. This title is powerful, to-the-point, and a baby name people will never forget.

... Just remember to bow in the presence of King. (Go ahead and practice.)


615. Archer

Doesn't the name Archer make you want to want to pick up a bow and arrow and offer yourself up as tribute? While this name does represent a bowman, Archer's popularity may be because of the animated adult show Archer. It's now 13 times as popular as it was a decade a go, proving expectant moms and dads can't help but love the name of this fictional spy.

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714. Arlo

Ready for another baby name inspired by a TV character? Give Arlo a try! Even if you aren't familiar with the once popular show Justified, just know Arlo was truly an unforgettable character. An adaptation of the name Carlo, Arlo is a fun and catchy title you can't help but love.

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813. Princeton

Princeton could leave you envisioning your future college student taking classes at a prestigious ivy league institution. But it also sounds royal. Princeton dresses up the common prince and can earn your son a seat with the royal court.


912. Vihaan

Vihaan (pronounced VEE-han) is pretty cute. Vihaan is a Hindu baby name that hails from the Sanskrit "dawn" or "morning" and gives us playful nicknames like Vee. Now 15 times more popular than it was 10 years ago, Vihaan continues to soar in likeability.


1011. Kingston

Have any more room on your plate for another regal baby name? In addition to Kingsley and King that make this list of hottest baby names of the decade, Kingston is a moniker that expectant moms and dads can't help but love. It's the most popular king-inspired title on this list, now 15 times more favored today than it was 10 years ago.


129. Legend

Seriously, what parent doesn't want her kid to be a legend? Tipping its hat to the superlative-inspired baby name trend, Legend is a badass title that will keep folks talking for years to come. Given that the name Legend is 17 times more favored today than it was 10 years ago, it's pretty safe to say the unusual baby name is pretty epic.


138. Hendrix

Yay -- we're so happy to see this baby name on the list of hottest titles of the decade. The name Hendrix doesn't need any talking up, as the vintage rock-star surname is so freaking cool. Tipping its hat to the icon and legend Jimi Hendrix, Hendrix is the rocker alter ego to the Germanic Heinrich that loosely translates to "home ruler."

Yeah, we LOVE Hendrix.


147. Zayn

You "Still Got Time" to fall in love with the name Zayn, even if it takes some "Pillowtalk." In you haven't guessed -- or just aren't a fan of pop music -- singer Zayn Malik has been a driving force behind the popularity of this title. Zayn is fresh, rolls off the tongue, and is thought to mean "beauty" or "grace" in Arabic.


156. Iker

Soccer fans are likely yelling "Goooooool!" Iker, inspired by professional soccer player Iker Casillas, is a sizzling hot baby name that can score any goal. Basque for "visitation," Iker is 20 times as popular now as it was 10 years ago -- and it's pretty darn cool.


165. Thiago

Also joining Iker as a "shooting star" celebrity-inspired baby name is the title Thiago. A nod to professional soccer player Thiago Silva, Thiago pulls inspiration from the dreamy Santiago (which means "St. James.")

... And, if none of this registers to you, just know the baby name Thiago is the fifth hottest baby name of the decade. It's 23 times more popular now than it was 10 years go.

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174. Bentley

Sorry, naming your kid Bentley won't score you an ultra-luxurious car -- though you WILL earn some pretty wicked cool points for such a posh baby name. This gender-neutral English title is all the rage among parents, given Bentley is 24 times more popular today than it was a decade ago. It's hip, flashy, and sticks with the names-that-end-in-lee-sound baby name trend.


192. Brantley

Not to be confused with Bentley is the name Brantley. Following the gender-neutral, lee-ending baby names trend, this English title has a "fiery touch" that makes the name Brantley unforgettable. 


201. Jayceon

Yo, turn your mic up for this one.

The name Jayceon -- inspired by the rapper The Game -- is the hottest baby name of the decade, 31 times more popular today than it was 10 years ago. A remix of the classic Jason, Jayceon pulls inspo from the Latin and Greek Iāson that means "healer."

All in all, Jayceon (pronounced Jay-Cee-On) is hip, unique, and can boost your street cred.

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