20 Baby Boy Names That Exploded in Popularity This Decade

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When choosing a baby name, it's not uncommon for expectant parents to look to a variety of sources for inspiration. Some moms and dads are interested in the classics while others search for undiscovered gems. Some trendy baby names are only around for a little while but others really catch on.


Nameberry.com has "analyzed the Social Security baby names data of 2016 versus 2006 and identified which names have exploded in use over the past ten years and how those combine to create the major baby name trends of the decade." Crunching numbers and noting trends, the website has identified the hottest boy baby names of the last 10 years. These are the ones that were barely used before 2006 but now are a big hit with new parents.

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Curious to see which baby names saw a huge surge over the last decade? The answers might surprise you.


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