20 Baby Girl Names That Exploded in Popularity This Decade

Tanvier Peart | Jun 14, 2017 Pregnancy

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There are baby names that are popular and baby names that are trendy, but what about the trendy baby names that are so good, they keep getting more and more popular? They're out there, believe us. If one is looking for a baby name that is both cool and on trend -- and has been that way since the beginning of the 2000s -- then perhaps take a look at the baby names that have officially won the last two decades. Want to know which names are going to continue to dominate? 

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Nameberry.com has "analyzed the Social Security baby names data of 2016 versus 2006 and identified which names have exploded in use over the past ten years and how those combine to create the major baby name trends of the decade." Crunching numbers and noting trends, the website has identified the hottest girl baby names of the last 10 years that parents can't help but love. And who can blame them, they're totally hip! 

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Including regal titles and names inspired by the most unthinkable celebrities, these girl baby names were basically unheard of 10 years ago but just keep getting more popular. Read on to see which super popular names made the list!

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  • 20. Juniper


    Kicking off Nameberry's list, Juniper is one of those baby names that's truly evergreen (see what we did there?) as it won't ever go out of style. Giving us dreamy nicknames like Junie and June, Juniper is a trendy nature-inspired baby name that inspires us to stop and smell the berries.

  • 19. Mila


    We can think of one Hollywood actress who's likely happy to see this name on this list of hottest baby names of the decade. (The answer is Mila Kunis, in case you didn't figure it out.) Mila is a title thought to be Russian for "dear one" that's sweet both in sound and appearance. We love Mila as a baby name and definitely are not alone, considering Mila is 13 times more popular now than it was 10 years ago.

  • 18. Monroe


    This baby is ready for her close-up.

    Honoring the icon Marilyn Monroe is the name ... Monroe. Known as a gender-neutral baby name, it seems this title has won the hearts of parents expecting a girl, as the Gaelic Monroe (it means "dweller at the red morass") is a hit among moms and dads with daughters.

  • 17. Reign


    All hail lady Reign!

    Admit it, you love the baby name Reign that evokes thoughts of majestic kingdoms and some pretty fierce jewels all wrapped in those royal feels. Though Reign can be a charming title for the future princes of the world, it's a popular baby name for heiresses-in-training too. Reign is 13 times more popular today than it was 10 years ago.

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  • 16. Paisley


    Some might look at the name Paisley and recall the feather-shaped pattern their grandmothers donned during the '60s. The truth is, the paisley design has been around for centuries and has proven to have true staying power, both as a pattern and a baby name.

    Suitable for both boys and girls, Paisley earns a spot on this list of popular girl baby names of the decade, as it's 15 times more sought-after now than it was 10 years ago.

  • 15. Aria


    If the name Aria awakens a sudden urge to belt out a tune that would make Adele proud, honey, you are not alone. Aside from being melodic in sound, Aria (that's Italian for "air") is a hat tip to opera solos -- and it's a precious baby name expectant parents will definitely want to keep on their short list.

    Seriously, try not to say Aria without smiling. We dare you.

  • 14. Henley


    Henley pulls inspiration from the Old High German Haganrih ("ruler of an enclosure") that gave us the French Henri -- aka Henry -- a common name for little boys. But, in a twist, Henley is one of the hottest baby girl names of the decade, 16 times as popular now as in 2006.

  • 13. Blakely


    Another baby name that may or may not make you think it's intended for boys is Blakely. Inspired by the Old English blāc that means "bright" and "shining," Blakely follows the popular baby name trend of gender-neutral baby names that end in a lee sound.

    And, girl, do we real-lee love Blakely

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  • 12. Harper


    Come on, how can you look at the name Harper and not fall in love? It's such a classic and stunning baby name we can't help but adore! Inspired by the Middle English harp, Harper is often associated with Harper Lee, author of the unforgettable To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • 11. Adley


    In case you didn't know, names that start with Ad- are part of a hot baby name trend that makes Adley sizzle. An alternative for Adeline, Adley is thought to have Hebrew roots that stem from the name Adlai, meaning "God is just."

  • 10. Lennon


    Surnames can make for wonderful first names. And, if you happen to be a parent who loves the Beatles, feel free to use Lennon, which honors John Lennon and happens to be 19 times more popular now than it was 10 years ago.

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  • 9. Bristol


    When you hear the name Bristol, what comes to mind? Maybe you envision a charming English town across the pond -- or think of a certain former Alaskan governor's daughter. 

    Well, you're right ... on both fronts.

    Though most of us know Bristol as a place-name, this baby name earns a spot on the list of the decade's hottest titles thanks to Bristol Palin, who's a part of a short list of celebrities with trendy names. (We're not lying.)

  • 8. Leighton


    Another celebrity-inspired baby name that's been hot, hot, hot the last 10 years is Leighton. Even if you weren't a fan of Gossip Girl -- or know what the heck the show was about -- you can probably appreciate that actress Leighton Meester helped make this title 20 times as popular now as it was a decade ago.

    And, just in case you're wondering, the name Leighton is an English title that means "meadow town."

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  • 7. Addilyn


    There are times when you feel the spirit inspire you to remix a traditional baby name, and folks, this happens to be one of those times. Addilyn, thought to be a variation of the classic Addison, is catchy, falls right into the names-that-begin-with-Ad- trend, and is just darn cute.  

  • 6. Nova


    Don't you want to choose a baby name that's "new" and fresh? Go with Nova. Aside from being Latin for "new" -- like your new baby! -- Nova also represents stars that become super bright before fading.

    So, basically, Nova is out of this world.

  • 5. Adaline


    Hopefully you have room on your plate for one another baby name that begins with Ad- ... 'cause Adaline is too precious to leave off your short list. A variant of Adele and Adeline, Adaline is thought to mean "noble," which makes the title honorable for any parent to bestow upon his or her daughter.

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  • 4. Isla


    If you have fallen head over heels for the baby name Isla, you have one person to thank: Isla Fisher. The Wedding Crashers actress has helped make the name Isla well-favored -- it's now 27 times more popular than it was a decade ago. There's something about this Scottish baby name that screams "choose me, I'm fabulous!"

  • 3. Paislee


    Right now, you're probably asking yourself, Wait, didn't I see the name Paisley on this list? -- which is totally true.

    Paisley is on this list of swoon-worthy baby names of the decade ... but so is the alternative spelling, Paislee. As the third hottest baby name of the decade, Paislee is a huge hit among expectant moms and dads, 31 times more popular today than it was 10 years ago.

  • 2. Adalynn


    Just when you think you wouldn't see another baby name that begins with Ad-, whoop, there it is! Adalynn provides moms- and dads-to-be with yet another alternative to the classic Adeline. All the rage among moms and dads, Adalynn is the second most popular baby name of the decade -- making it a heavy hitter in the likeability department.

  • 1. Royalty


    The fact that Royalty is the hottest baby name of the last 10 years proves it's okay to think outside the box -- and bestow one of the most regal titles upon your child. Kicking major butt in the popularity department, Royalty is 58 times more common now than it was a decade ago.