22 Southern Baby Names Parents Will Love No Matter Where They Live

baby in Savannah Georgia

Like sweet baby names with style? Why not get inspired by the beautiful and dynamic American South? The South has everything -- mountains and plains, tasty cuisine, red states and blue states, and all kinds of unique individuals with their own brand of Southern hospitality. These 22 baby names come from cities, rivers, and symbols in Dixie Land. No matter where a baby is born, parents will find a name here that sounds fresh yet vintage, classic yet unexpected. 


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Love a southern twang? Who doesn't? The Southern accent is endlessly charming -- and so are their baby names! A Southern baby name brings to mind mint juleps, barbecue, and the Southern debutante/gentleman. If a genteel-like baby name is a must, then take a trip down south where things move a little slower and the people are a little kinder. With the help from our friends at BabyNameWizard, we compiled a list of the best and brightest Southern baby names that are becoming totally trendy. Perhaps parents are getting charmed by the South's tradition of grace and decorum. Or maybe we've all been struck by the watching too many reruns of Bravo's Southern Charm. Either way, these baby names are totally cute! Take a look at our list and see if these names should be added to the list.

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baby in Savannah Georgia

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