The 6 Biggest Baby Name Trends of the Decade

Tanvier Peart | Jun 2, 2017 Pregnancy
The 6 Biggest Baby Name Trends of the Decade

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Baby names expectant parents choose might be unique to them, but there are some titles that generate enough staying power to transform into trends that can inspire a generation -- or, at the very least, a decade. compared the Social Security Administration's baby name data from 2006 with 2016 stats to identify names that have most increased in popularity in the last 10 years and inspired the biggest baby name trends of the past decade.

"The 40 names that have increased the most in usage over the past ten years -- which also include Adalynn and Brantley, Monroe and Hendrix -- may sound fresh and stylish now, but are likely to become the Brittany and Brian of the future," the site notes.

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So, which baby names have had enough momentum and pizzazz to switch up business as usual in the world of baby names and influence trends, you ask?

The answer, friend, might surprise you.

  • Baby Name Trend: Names That Start With Ad-

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    Did you read "baby names that start with Ad-" and think marketing executives somehow influenced this trend? (It's okay, you can be honest.)

    You don't need to be in the ad world to appreciate titles that harness the power of the letters A and D. In fact, it appears to be a winning combination expectant moms and dads just love to use.

  • Most Popular Girl Baby Names (of the Decade) That Start With Ad-

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    With the exception of one name, there don't appear to be any boy names that start with Ad- that made the cut (sorry, gents), though there are some great options for the ladies. Adalynn, for example, is 31 times more popular now than it was 10 years ago. Adaline is another popular title (it's 26 times more popular than it was in 2006), as well as Addilyn (21 times more popular). Adley (19 times more popular) is a catchy gender-neutral option.

    In case you can't tell, most of these baby names are variations of the name Adeline that, surprisingly, fell to the number 63 spot on this list of Nameberry's top 1,000 baby names.

  • Baby Name Trend: Superlative Names

    adorable little student

    Most of us remember receiving one of those "Most Likely To ..." awards growing up. They were so much fun and often made you feel like you're larger than life. Superlatives in general are fun and, apparently, a highly favored baby name trend.

    As Nameberry points out, "names [like superlatives] that tell the world how extraordinary your child is rule today" and truly make for unforgettable titles.

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  • Most Popular Boy Superlative Names (of the Decade)

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    The boy superlative baby names that have been making waves in the last 10 years could make your son a legend -- literally! Legend is an adorable title that's 18 times more favored now than it was a decade ago. (Yup, it's a keeper.) 

    Also joining this list of oh-so-cute popular boy superlative names are King, Kingsley, and Major -- each 12 times more popular now than they were in 2006. The names Kingston (15 times more popular) and Princeton (14 times more popular) also earn an award for popular superlative boy names of the decade. Though they both end in -ton, they do represent royalty with "King" and "Prince" in the mix.

  • Most Popular Girl Baby Superlative Names (of the Decade)

    Newborn Baby Boy Wearing Crown Kloosterhof

    When it comes to sought-after superlative baby names of the decade, Nameberry notes there are two in particular that stick out. Royalty is the hottest girl baby name of the decade. It's 58 times more popular today than it was 10 years ago, making Royalty a heavy hitter that evokes regal sentiments. Reign, the other girl superlative baby name, is 13 times more popular now than it was back in 2006.

  • Baby Name Trend: Shooting Star Names

    Baby sleeping with the stars

    Surprise, surprise! Though your mind likely went to outer space at the thought of "shooting star," that's not the kind of "star" we're talking about. As Nameberry points out, "Hot young celebrities who manage to stay in the spotlight for more than a reality TV season or two can propel their names into major trends" -- which makes sense considering how much our society loves celebs.

  • Most Popular Girl Shooting Star Names (of the Decade)

    Adorable baby girl

    So, what pray tell are the most inspiring celebrity girl baby names of the decade? The answer might surprise you.

    Isla, as in actress Isla Fisher (Now You See MeWedding Crashers), appears to be one of the most popular celebrity-inspired girl baby names of the decade -- becoming 27 times more favorable over the last decade. Gossip Girl fans will be happy to see Leighton (20 times more popular) on this list, and That '70s Show fanatics will appreciate that Mila (13 times more popular) secures a spot, too. 

  • One More Most Popular Girl Shooting Star Names (of the Decade)

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    One very interesting star-powered baby name on this list is Bristol (20 times more popular), as in Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin. Just goes to show politics and celebrities sometimes intersect (as if we didn't already know).

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  • Most Popular Boy Shooting Star Names (of the Decade)

    little boy singing and dancing

    Rap, pop, and soccer appear to be hotspots for inspiration among celebrity-inspired baby names for boys. (Who knew?) Jayceon (pronounced jay-cee-on), rapper The Game's first name, looks to be the hottest boy name of the decade, as it's 31 times more popular than it was back in 2006 and brings style and street cred. Should hip hop not be your cup of tea, there's always Zayn (19 times more popular) in honor of singer Zayn Malik.

  • More Most Popular Boy Shooting Star Names (of the Decade)

    toddler with a soccer ball Tivadar

    Football lovers (that's what the rest of the world call soccer) will likely enjoy the names Iker, in honor of Iker Casillas, and Thiago for Thiago Silva. Both titles score major points among parents, as Iker is 20 times more popular now than it was 10 years ago and Thiago 23 times more favorable.

  • Baby Name Trend: Vintage Celebrity Surnames

    A child covered in chocolate cake on his face

    While we're on the subject of celebrities, stars also sparked a trend with their last names that opens up a whole new can of inspiration. As Nameberry notes, "The names of hallowed stars of the past are enjoying a new turn in the limelight as their tragic ends fade from memory."

  • Most Popular Vintage Girl Celebrity Surnames (of the Decade)

    Newborn Baby Girl Sleeping in Bowl

    Beatles guitarist John Lennon appears to be a muse, as moms and dads flocked to the gender-neutral Lennon for their little girls -- it's now 19 times more popular as it was in 2006.

    Joining this retro baby name is one often associated with glitz, glamour, and a blonde bombshell of an icon: Monroe, in honor of Marilyn Monroe. This baby name appears to be a keeper, as Monroe is 13 times more popular now versus 10 years ago.

  • Most Popular Vintage Boy Celebrity Surname (of the Decade)

    The boy and electric guitar

    There's just one vintage celebrity surname that's popular among the gents-in-training, which could have you seeing "Purple Haze," a "Red House," and Castles Made of Sand."

    That's right, Hendrix, in honor of Jimi Hendrix, is 18 times more popular today than it was a decade ago -- proving the greats can and will always live on.

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  • Baby Name Trend: The Gender-Neutral Lee

    adorable red-headed children

    If you've been waiting for a baby name trend that honors both boys and girls, look no further! "Lee names," or baby names that end in a lee sound, are pretty hot right now and could be a saving grace for expectant moms and dads who aren't into gender reveals or simply don't want to get caught up in that whole "this is for boys" and "this is for girls" thing.

  • Most Popular Gender-Neutral Lee-Ending Names (of the Decade)

    Sister and brother kids laughing

    Though titles like Paislee and Brantley have been fast-rising names this decade, we're completely smitten with gender-fluid baby names like Bentley (24 times more popular now than a decade ago), Blakely (18 times more popular), Adley (19 times more popular) -- which you might remember from the trendy names that start with Ad- list -- and Henley (16 times more popular) that score high praise.

  • More Most Popular Gender-Neutral Lee-Ending Names (of the Decade)

    Two kids with hearts on the eyes

    The names Paisely (a variant of Paislee thought to be gender neutral) and Kingsley (you might remember this one from the superlatives list) also receive high praise as popular gender-neutral baby names parents have loved over the decade. Paisely is 15 times more popular now compared to 2006, with Kingsley following not too far behind (it's 12 times more popular).

  • Baby Name Trend: Television Show Characters

    Very small children watching television

    Don't ever let anyone tell you too much television is a bad thing. (Well, you should try to fit a book in there somewhere.) Those flatscreens could be the very vessel of baby name inspiration; TV appears to be a hot source considering Nameberry has identified trendy names inspired by the small screen.

  • Most Popular Girl TV Character Name (of the Decade)

    Headshot of Smiling Baby Girl

    Not to be confused with Arya -- aka, the "girl who has no name" from Game of Thrones -- is Aria, in honor of the character Aria Montgomery on the show Pretty Little Liars. Italian for "air," this popular title is 16 times as sought-after as it was back in 2006.

  • Most Popular Boy TV Character Names (of the Decade)

    happy baby eating fruit

    Fans of the once popular FX drama Justified will get a kick out of seeing Arlo on this list of beloved TV character baby names for boys. Inspired by Arlo Givens, a known crook and father of US Marshal Raylan Givens, Arlo is 13 times more popular today than it was a decade ago.

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  • More Most Popular Boy TV Character Names (of the Decade)

    Cuddly little baby boy

    Another boy baby name inspired by a TV character is Archer, who tips his hat to the adult animated FX series that's not afraid to go there. Like Arlo, Archer has risen in popularity over the years, as the title is also 13 times more favored now than it was in 2006.

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