The 6 Biggest Baby Name Trends of the Decade

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Baby names expectant parents choose might be unique to them, but there are some titles that generate enough staying power to transform into trends that can inspire a generation -- or, at the very least, a decade.

Advertisement compared the Social Security Administration's baby name data from 2006 with 2016 stats to identify names that have most increased in popularity in the last 10 years and inspired the biggest baby name trends of the past decade.

"The 40 names that have increased the most in usage over the past ten years -- which also include Adalynn and Brantley, Monroe and Hendrix -- may sound fresh and stylish now, but are likely to become the Brittany and Brian of the future," the site notes.

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So, which baby names have had enough momentum and pizzazz to switch up business as usual in the world of baby names and influence trends, you ask?

The answer, friend, might surprise you.

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