If You're Pregnant & Your Toilet Seat Turned Blue, You Are Not Alone

Blue toilet seat
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Between the Internet and the people we know who live in the land of TMI-ville, most pregnant women have a pretty good idea about what to expect when they're expecting ... or do they? Moms-to-be cannot stop talking about an eerie "pregnancy symptom" that will have you staring at your toilet saying WTF. Expectant moms have been taking to forums and blogs to reveal their toilet seats are turning blue.


Yes, blue. Blue, like maybe you thought your new, overpriced pair of maternity jeans rubbed off on your toilet seat -- but, surprise, it's just your pregnant a** you didn't know had magical mood ring abilities.

blue toilet seat
lizparsons83/Baby Center

According to WhatToExpect.com, expectant moms making toilet seats blue has been a thing for quite some time. Should you ever feel the spirit move you to search for "pregnant toilet seat" online, you'll find a series of oddly fascinating stories from pregnant women about this newfound soon-to-be-mommy power.

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Perplexed as to why her toilet seat turned blue, the expectant mom who shared this photo in 2014 equated pregnancy with having "Smurf a**."

blue toilet seat
bemmah/Baby Center

"My husband keeps joking it's because I am peeing so much," the mom wrote in a post on a BabyCenter.com community board. "It's a hard white porcelain toilet seat...and yes....it's turning blue like a blue buttprint. "

Smurf a**. Hmm ... it could be a thing, LOL.

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Another mom shared a pic of her blue-hued toilet seat a few years ago online that she says didn't happen over time.

Blue toilet seat
MissFunBall/The Bump

"...I get up and...what the hell? Blue. My toilet seat is butt shaped and blue," the mom revealed in a TheBump.com forum. "No jeans on today (had [a] shower this a.m.) or anything blue .... I kinda got sniggered at by telling the nurse over the phone. If you've done it, you're not alone!"

#Toiletgate has stumped so many people over the years that a dad-to-be even posted a video on YouTube to ask for answers about the newly blue toilet seat his then-pregnant wife created.

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While there doesn't appear to be any concrete explanation as to why toilet seats turn blue for some pregnant women (several people report their doctors are just as stumped as they are), the Internet has chimed in with theories of their own.

Mama and Reddit user MaeBeWeird believes changes in an expectant mom could be the culprit, writing, "My thought [is] it is due to different body chemistry interacting with some chemical or other [thing] they use in the seats (as it only happens to some seats and not to others)."

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Another Reddit user, lovemeatmyworstbrook, wonders if moms-to-be who experience this are taking new meds. "I once took something that turned my pee purple," she writes.

User Blue Girl on Chemistry.StackExchange.com believes a pregnant woman's hormones are likely to blame. "Chromhidrosis is a condition that causes visibly blue sweat," she notes in the forum. "Hormone changes can cause temporary pseudochromhidrosis. This condition produces clear sweat which reacts with certain surface bacteria and the result on some surfaces is blue/purple staining."

Interesting, but take it with a grain of salt.

Honestly, who the heck knows why some pregnant women can turn toilet seats blue? Maybe it's a rare superpower moms can catalog and use to impress others in mommy groups.

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Plus, it appears pregnant women aren't the only ones turning toilet seats blue ... so, maybe it's something in the water, or something in someone's diet?

blue toilet seat

... Or just a gnarly case of Smurf butt.

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