22 Kick-Ass Baby Names Inspired by the Justice League

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If one isn't into comics, the words Justice League might conjure up some merry band of social activists fighting for change in courtrooms across the world. Turns out that's not so far off from how these characters are drawn -- and portrayed on the big and small screens. They're especially cool because, while these caped warriors are about cleaning up the streets and good prevailing over evil, they do it to the beat of their own drums and have kick-ass powers and gadgets to get sh*t done. 


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From Wonder Woman to Batman, Superman, and the Flash, there are many things we can admire about this popular DC Comics group -- including, of course, baby names.

As we ready our popcorn to watch League members throw down in movies and shows, be sure to keep a pen and paper nearby, as one never knows which superhero's name he or she will want to bestow on a child. And who knows? Maybe giving babies a superhero name gives them that superpower! Okay, maybe not, but a nerd can dream.

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Here's a rundown of some crime-fighting baby names inspired by characters associated with the Justice League that melt our hearts and will leave their mark on the world.

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