22 Kick-Ass Baby Names Inspired by the Justice League

Tanvier Peart | Jun 2, 2017 Pregnancy

Child plays superhero

If one isn't into comics, the words Justice League might conjure up some merry band of social activists fighting for change in courtrooms across the world. Turns out that's not so far off from how these characters are drawn -- and portrayed on the big and small screens. They're especially cool because, while these caped warriors are about cleaning up the streets and good prevailing over evil, they do it to the beat of their own drums and have kick-ass powers and gadgets to get sh*t done. 

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From Wonder Woman to Batman, Superman, and the Flash, there are many things we can admire about this popular DC Comics group -- including, of course, baby names.

As we ready our popcorn to watch League members throw down in movies and shows, be sure to keep a pen and paper nearby, as one never knows which superhero's name he or she will want to bestow on a child. And who knows? Maybe giving babies a superhero name gives them that superpower! Okay, maybe not, but a nerd can dream.

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Here's a rundown of some crime-fighting baby names inspired by characters associated with the Justice League that melt our hearts and will leave their mark on the world.

Young Boy Businessman is Flying Away

  • Flash


    Sometimes, it's good to go against the grain and not choose a name that's super popular -- or expected, for that matter.

    The Flash, aka the "Scarlet Speedster," is a Justice League member who can get from point A to point B and back faster than you can turn your head. Though some might find baby name inspiration with Barry Allen, Flash's real name, we happen to think Flash is unique and could totally rock.

  • Prince/Princesa


    Believe it or not, Prince can be a hat tip to Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, aka the baddest lady superhero to ever kick ass and take names across the galaxy. Though Prince is commonly associated with kings-in-training, Princesa, the Spanish version of "princess," aptly represents this warrior princess.

  • Venelia


    Speaking of Wonder Woman, one badass lady who's considered Queen Hippolyta's right hand woman (the queen is Wonder Woman's mom, in case ya didn't know) is Venelia. Though lady V is not a member of the Justice League, she does in fact throw down in honor of Wonder Woman and the Amazon people, which definitely makes her an ally.

    And, just in case you're wondering, Venelia is a Latin title thought to mean "of the sea and winds."

  • Arthur


    The name Arthur is a stately title that's classic and packed with a ton of gusto. Plus, it happens to be the (first) name of Aquaman, ruler of Atlantis, to be played by the hunky and steamy Jason Momoa. (If you have to Google who he is, honey, you have not been living life.)

    Popular during the 1880s, Arthur is a Celtic baby name that has the power to make a splash in modern times.

  • Orin


    Orin is a common title often used among Atlantean royal family that was passed down to Arthur Curry, whom we know as Aquaman. Known as a popular baby name during the Roaring '20s, Orin comes from the Hebrew Oren that means "laurel or pine tree."

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  • Dinah


    Dinah Laurel Lance, better known as Black Canary, is a fierce superhero who knows how to throw hands. Often posing as a bad guy in comics, Dinah can save the day (and then some), becoming a resource on the Justice League. (If you're a fan of the TV Show Arrow, you know Dinah as Laurel!)

    Hebrew for "judged," Dinah is a classic title that packs a punch.

  • Cy


    It's pretty safe to assume most parents would not consider Cyborg to be a great baby name choice, but that doesn't mean there's no room for the nickname Cy (pronounced SIY). In the Justice League, Victor Stone aka Cy is a half human/half machine with an exceptional mind and superhuman strength. Bonus: Rooted in Greek, the name Cy means "master" or "lord."

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  • Justice


    Obviously, if we're talking about the Justice League, it's kinda hard not to mention the name Justice. (Go ahead and eye roll, but you know it's a good name!) This gender-neutral baby name is all about "fairness" and "rightfulness," as Justice is rooted in the Latin ius that means "law." Justice is a strong baby name choice you'll definitely want to keep.

  • Kent


    While most of us know Superman as ... well, Superman, his "government name" is Clark Kent -- with "government" being used loosely as Superman (aka Kal-El) was born on a completely different planet.

    Kent (Welsh for "rim" or "border") is a catchy surname that was super popular during the '60s with enough staying power that can transform little gents -- or little ladies! -- into men and women of steel. 

  • Clark


    While we're on the subject of Superman, we can't get enough of the name Clark. Not only does this title defy gender lines, but also aerodynamics -- and it would look darn good on a business card.

    ... Or a newspaper byline. 

  • Mera


    Sorry, ladies ... Aquaman has an ass-kicking love in his life who's the Queen of Atlantis ... even though she initially tried to kill him. (No worries, it all worked out.)

    Mera is not only a strong superhero but a strong baby name option that's extremely unique and quite beautiful. Arabic for "princess," Mera is a striking title you'll want to add to your short list.

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  • Wayne


    By night, this Caped Crusader fights crime in a suit outfitted with tons of gadgets, and by day, he's simply known as Mr. Wayne. (Yes, we're talking about Batman!) Once all the rage in the 1940s, the retro name Wayne (Old English for "wagon" or "cart") is stately and can take care of business.

  • Shayera


    Did you know Shayera Hol is thought to be one of the founding members of the Justice League? Though you likely won't see her in the Justice League movie, Hol, or Hawkgirl as she's better known, is not only the mom of Warhawk, but kicked major butt; this badass mama has military training and some pretty fierce wings.

  • Oliver


    Fans of the TV series Arrow have likely heard whispers by now the Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League. Joining forces with the likes of Batman and crew in the comics after the Thanagarian invasion, the Green Arrow is a savvy marksman who makes Katniss Everdeen look like an amateur.

    Aside from his skills with a bow and arrow, we love his name, Oliver Queen -- specifically, Oliver for little archers-in-training. 

  • J'onn


    Just because a baby name is common does not mean you need to use it in its popular form. Martian Manhunter, a Justice League founding member, is giving us major inspo with the name J'onn that's pronounced just like John and scores interstellar style points. 

  • Mari


    Imagine being able to harness the powers of any animal of your choice. Maybe you want to be as fast as a cheetah, or smash things better than a gorilla? Justice League member Vixen had these abilities and often put them to good use to fight crime. A fashion model by day and superhero when no one's looking, Vixen, whose real name is Mari Jiwe McCabe, always kept the magical amulet from her native Ghana close.

    And, as you might've guessed, the name Mari gives us all the feels, as it's a short title that's airy and full of spunk. 

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  • Shaz


    In the world of DC Comics, Captain Marvel, a noted superhero, is also known as Shazam, which gives us a pretty awesome baby name idea: Shaz. Yes, Shaz sounds a bit different -- and is kind of made up in some ways -- but it can be a great stand-alone option, like a Chaz, Cruz, or Liz.

  • Carter


    As much as we hear the name Carter -- and possibly think of coupons to spend in a kids' clothing store that bears the same name -- this title does in fact honor a superhero associated with the Justice League. Carter Hall, formerly Joseph Gardner, is Hawkman, a crime-fighter who might not have superpowers, but knows how to wield a Thanagarian sword.

    We love the name Carter, as it's a fitting choice for a baby boy or girl.

  • Paco


    Paco Ramone, better known as Vibe, was one of the members of the new Justice League who could've taught Marky Mark a thing or two about "Good Vibrations." Most popular for his seismic powers, Paco has a name that scores high marks on our Richter scale of adorable baby monikers.

  • Zatanna/Zatara


    Known as the "Mistress of Magic," Zatanna Zatara is a Justice League member who does more than pull little cute bunnies out of a hat. She has real magic powers, helped fight Apokoliptian forces, and was childhood friends with Batman. This is a name that would likely earn some serious cool points on the playground.