Comedian Claps Back at Every Annoying Thing People Say to Pregnant Women

chelsea Peretti
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When you're pregnant, it feels like you're on display each and every time you leave the house. Strangers are constantly asking you questions, making comments about your body, and some even have the nerve to go in for a belly rub! So, it's a good thing this expectant comedian hasn't lost her sense of humor: Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti went on a hilarious Twitter rant in which she shared amusing comebacks for all those crazy unsolicited comments pregnant ladies constantly hear. Not only will moms-to-be LOL when they read these, but they'll also want to add them to their repertoire. 


Peretti -- whose husband is comedian Jordan Peele, best known for his Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele -- put the caps lock on and said what all of us who've ever been pregnant have been aching to put into words. 

Check out her firestorm of brilliance:

Chelsea Peretti
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Consider that your warning, folks! Here we go!

Chelsea Peretti Twitter
Ha! She's so right! Why do people think that just because you're carrying a baby, they can say whatever the heck they want to you!?!

Chelsea Peretti twitter rant

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You're growing a person -- of course you're going to look big. And, honestly, is there a pregnant woman alive who needs someone to tell her she's getting bigger?? No, that's what pants are for.

Chelsea Peretti tweet
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Oh, this mama is definitely ready to deliver! 

Chelsea Peretti pregnancy tweet
Love this! Unless you're delivering the baby or willing to volunteer to serve as a night nurse, stay out of it!

Chelsea Peretti
So funny. Peretti really cuts to the heart of all the inane (and often rhetorical) questions expectant moms are forced to answer over and over again. 

Thanks, Chelsea -- your comebacks are hilarious, inspiring, and almost as comforting to preganant ladies as a foot rub. We can't wait to hear your take on motherhood once that baby arrives! 

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