New Year's Resolutions: What's Yours?

In thinking about my own New Year's resolutions, I looked around a little on CafeMom to see what other real moms are striving for this year.

NuMommy87 asked moms in Answers what their resolutions were. Losing the last of the baby weight, losing weight in general, quitting smoking, working less, and being healthier were of course popular answers.

A pregnant mom -- srhmldnodo -- said she was due right around New Year's, and so hers would have to be.... To be the best mommy she could be!

For ideas on living a healthier life in 2009, check out Cafe Kristen's great (and inspiring) tips in Healthy Living Buzz.

Me? My New Year's resolution is try to live more in the moment  - to really enjoy my time with the kids and not worry so much about what's coming next.

What about you, moms-to-be? What's your resolution this year?


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