15 Rad Baby Names That Parents Born in the '80s Will Love

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We don't need a time machine to relive the glorious days of the '80s -- and all the hair spray, neon hair accessories, ripped jeans, and shoulder pads the decade had to offer. It was a time of big hair and memorable shows and entertainers that inspired tons of trends ... and, of course, baby names. Sure, modern baby names are cool -- kind of -- but perhaps a retro baby name from the '80s is a more unique choice that is bound to stand out on the playground.


Laura Wattenberg, founder of the online baby-name destination BabyNameWizard.com, has created a list of unforgettable '80s-inspired baby names that both honors the decade and all of its stardom and detours from common names like Justin, Ashley, or Tiffany.

Searching for titles with a noteworthy "'80s purity score" -- meaning the percentage of ALL people with the name who were born during the decade -- Laura was able to identify names from the 1980s that truly reflect the era of neon and crimped hair.

These are all names that "mostly existed in that decade," explains Laura. "Some of the names were big hits, others were rarities, but all are loving tributes to their time." 

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So, fasten that fanny pack that we know is still hiding in the closet, as we take a look at some memorable baby names from the 1980s.

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