When Words Fail: 11 Images Capture the Loss & Longing of Infertility

Liz Alterman | May 19, 2017 Pregnancy
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  • Mountains to Climb


    As much as Vikki feels that others often don't comprehend what she's going through, she hopes these images will unite women experiencing the same emotions.

    "I hope the pictures accomplish understanding and awareness. I also want other women to be able to feel like they have someone to talk to. I have had complete strangers refer friends and family to me just to talk. It's hard feeling like you're going through this alone. The emotions we go through, the thoughts we have, our responses to our surroundings and events are sometimes even foreign feeling to us. I want women to feel like they are NOT ALONE," she said.

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  • Infertility Awareness -- Always

    Vikki wears an infertility awareness ribbon as she's determined to educate others.
    "The biggest misconception is that it's not a disease," she said. "That it could be worse. How? Women with infertility have just as much stress and anxiety as someone with cancer."
  • Increasing Sensitivity


    Vikki shared her thoughts on how to increase sensitivity toward those facing infertility:

    "Hug your babies tight," Vikki advised. "The next time you've had a bad day remember we would give anything to have a bad day with children. Also, remember how hard baby showers and Mother's Day is for people going through infertility. It's hard to be invited to events, but it's harder to not be invited. Invite us to events, but let us say no without feeling bad. Pregnancy announcements are best done through a private message before posting on social media so it gives us time to process and grieve. Of course we're happy for you, but it's really hard because it's not us."

  • Editing Through Tears


    As difficult as the shoot was for Vikki, it was hard on Abbie as well. 

    "I did this even though it was hard," Abbie said. "I cried many times during the session, and actually had to stop editing a few times with the tornado picture because it is hard to edit through tears. I knew this was going to be something that would mean a lot to Vikki as well as other ladies. There is a lot of shame in infertility and until you have gone through it, you just can't understand. Before I lost a baby, I didn't understand; now I do. I wanted to help open up the communication about it. Women tend to be embarrassed. They blame themselves and don't want to talk about it. They think they must be doing something wrong. When I talk to women about it these are all feelings they have."


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