When Words Fail: 11 Images Capture the Loss & Longing of Infertility

woman facing tornado
Abbie Fox/Foxy Photography

Wanting to have a child and not being able to conceive or carry a baby to term is devastating for any woman. For Victoria Hamilton, who has longed to be a mom since age 12, struggling with infertility and explaining the heartbreak she feels is something that goes beyond words.  


To help her explain the complex range of emotions, the 32-year-old Las Vegas optician sought the help of photographer Abbie Fox, a mom of two who has also had her own bitter battle with infertility. 

Together, these women crafted stunning images that beautifully and brutally capture the feelings that language cannot convey.

"Words can only do so much," Victoria -- who goes by Vikki -- shared with CafeMom. "Pictures are so much more powerful."

Vikki says the images were an emotional release -- but they're hard for her to look at. "People like them and comment how beautiful they are; Abbie did a great job," she explains. "I see the beauty but I also feel so much pain in seeing them. The pictures were a way for me to express what I go through emotionally, daily."

Take a look at these portraits that show the haunting desolation of infertility.  

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