21 Forgotten but Handsome Baby Boy Names From the Roaring '20s

Tanvier Peart | May 5, 2017 Pregnancy
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  • Giles


    There are many reasons to love the name Giles. Aside from being très adorable, Giles has Greek roots, coming from aigis that means "a goatskin shield of Zeus" or "a protection." Not only does Giles honor the 7th century Athenian St. Giles, who healed people, but was also a pretty kickass watcher/librarian in the cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Lawton


    Lawton is such a stately title that's rich in style. Noted as a popular Old English family name that's thought to mean "settlement on or near a hill," Lawton also tips his hat to a certain superhero who always hits his mark.

  • Warner


    The name Warner is actually a popular title that was suuuper hot during the late 1800s -- and which can still kick ass today. An English title with German roots, Warner is thought to mean "army" -- perfect for a rough and tough young gent who's not afraid to throw down if necessary.

  • Denver


    You don't need to head to Colorado to enjoy Denver. In fact, this place-name will whisk you across the pond, as Denver is an Old English title that means "green valley."

  • Hardy


    Admit it: You got millennial feels when you clicked on this baby name, riiight? The Hardy Boys novels were quite the read for kids growing up in the '90s, and now that we know the meaning of Hardy, it all makes sense!

    In case you didn't know, the name Hardy is German for "bold" and "brave," which aptly describes these mystery-solving characters who just so happened to make their literary debut in the late 1920s.

    Talk about full circle.

  • Boyd


    Any former Justified fans? Eh?

    Whether you were a fan of the once beloved FX show (in which the character Boyd Crowder was a fan fave), or find Irish names particularly striking, Boyd is a great option for your list. Hailing from the Irish Gaelic buidhe that means "yellow," Boyd is also a surname thought to mean "son of the one with yellow hair." Obviously, you don't need to don golden locks for your son to use this super cute name!

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  • Jules


    At first glance, you might look at the name Jules and think it belongs on a baby name list for girls -- and you'd be right ... and kinda wrong, too. This gender-neutral title takes a page from the Latin Julius that's known for being "downy-bearded." Simply put: Jules is playful, stylish, and quite the charmer.

  • Kermit

    iStock.com/Andrii Oleksiienko

    Unless you've been living on a different planet -- or were robbed of the joys of the Muppets growing up -- this baby name needs no explanation. Kermit, as in Kermit the Frog, is a beloved puppet and character with an unforgettable voice and a unique name.

  • Orin


    There's so much to love about the name Orin, as it pulls inspo from so many places. A variation of Oren (Hebrew for "laurel or pine tree"), Orin also tips his hat to the Irish Gaelic Odhran, which means "pale."

    Orin could also have you looking to the stars, as the title might remind you of the Orion constellation -- or the Orion spacecraft called "the Messiah" used in the movie Deep Impact to stop the comet from slamming into Earth ... or the fictitious Commander Oren Monash from the film. (See, we can go on and on about this baby name.)

    No matter its origin, we happen to fancy the name Orin and think it's pretty cute.

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  • Regis


    It's pretty safe to say Regis Philbin was a king of morning talk shows -- which is quite fitting, considering the name Regis is Latin for "kingly." This stately French surname-turned-first-name has a regal aura about it you simply cannot deny.

    And, who knows, maybe your kid will become king of the airwaves, too.

  • Wallace


    Expectant moms and dads who enjoy baby names with a hiss ending (you know ... -sss?) might want to circle Wallace. Honoring Sir William Wallace, a Scottish hero and badass who fought against the English in the name of freedom, this honorable title is all about leadership and community.

    And, yes, we're talking about Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart.

  • Truman


    The name Truman is a strong title that possesses throwback elegance that can translate into modern times. Plus, the Old English title means "loyal one," a wonderful quality any parent would love his or her child to have.

  • Alvin


    Alviiiiiiin! (Come on -- you know we were going to go there.)

    Though it's easy to associate Alvin with a chipmunk, this baby name aligns itself with folklore characters, as Alvin comes from the Old English Ælfwine that means "friend of the elves."

    Chipmunk. Elf. Who cares?

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  • Conrad

    iStock.com/Linda Kloosterhof

    Conrad is a highly regarded and prestigious baby name. This title has strong Germanic roots, as Conrad comes from the Old High German Kuonrat that loosely translates to "wise counsel."

    Hmm. Perhaps Conrad will provide "wise counsel" in matters of the house, or somehow demystify the wonders of parenting?

  • Edison


    "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." 

    Thomas Edison was a brilliant mind before his time who not only created things like the (first practical incandescent) light bulb and motion picture camera, among other inventions, but challenged us to think and interact in new ways with the world around us.

    It's understandable why the name Edison would find a place on popular names from the 1920s, as it honors one of the country's greatest inventors. An Old English title that means "prosperity" and "wealth," Edison is a cute choice with a ton of power.

  • Florian


    No matter where Florian goes, there's just no escaping his association with blossoming blooms. Stemming from the Latin flos that means "flower" or "blossom," Florian is a cheery baby name with so many fragrant feels.

  • Harlan


    Harlan is a strapping name that scored some major popularity points in the 1920s. German for "rocky land," Harlan is also thought to mean "from the army" -- making this handsome title ready to kick ass.

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  • Mack


    In case you didn't know, Mack is the man! This baby name pulls inspiration from the Gaelic Mac ("son") and is quite adorable, if you ask us. 

  • Newell


    Heeey, Newell!

    Lovers of all things classic and vintage should feast their eyes on Newell -- it's pretty cute! Old English for "new hall," Newell has a certain aura we can't help but love. 

  • Rupert


    Children named Rupert could have "fame" in their future -- possibly joining the likes of Rupert Everett (Julia Roberts's BFF in My Best Friend's Wedding) and the lovable Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasely from the Harry Potter films. 

    Hailing from the Old High German Hruodperht, Rupert also means "bright," which could represent brighter days ahead with your baby boy. (Aww.)

  • Sumner


    Sumner might not be the hottest season of the year, but still sizzles when it comes to being unique. French for the "one who summons," Sumner has distinction that makes it perfect for your short list.

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