21 Forgotten but Handsome Baby Boy Names From the Roaring '20s

Tanvier Peart | May 5, 2017 Pregnancy

Little boy by the sea

Isn't it funny how things we once considered "vintage" or tired can suddenly become very on-trend? After all, what's old can is new again when it comes to trends. Life truly has a way of coming full circle, and that includes formerly "hot" baby names from a particular age of innovation, prohibition, and style that feels tailor-made for today's modern gents-in-training. Although these familiar names may have fallen out of popularity, some are seriously back and being given new life. As Laura Wattenberg, founder of BabyNameWizard.com, mentions, certain baby names from the Jazz Age are poised to make a comeback as they exhibit great star power. 

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Laura combed through historical data to find names that were big hits in the Roaring '20s but weren't very popular during the latter half of the 1900s and aren't among the top 500 baby names of today. She was able to identify the ones with the most style clout that have the potential to make a huge splash in the next several years.

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"Not every one hits the fashion bullseye," Wattenberg notes. "But if parents are drawn to old-fashioned names, I'm guessing that a few on this list will strike them as pleasant and intriguing surprises."

Whether a fan of beloved titles that stir up childhood memories or baby names with an Old English twist, expectant moms and dads should consider these once-popular names from the 1920s for their sons.


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