15 Things You Should Stop Saying to Women Facing Infertility

Liz Alterman | Apr 26, 2017 Pregnancy

woman in doctor's office

When you're trying to conceive and it's just not happening, that heartbreak and disappointment are almost always foremost in your mind. So, you really don't need someone bringing up your condition and then dismissing it. Even worse is when people, who may believe they're actually being helpful, end up saying completely inappropriate (and ultimately hurtful) things. 

We asked women in our CafeMom community to share the out-of-line and out-of-place comments that flowed in their direction as they faced fertility issues. Some will have you scratching your head at the startling rudeness. If you've been there, you may relate, and if you have a friend or family member experiencing infertility, this list may prevent you from saying the wrong thing.

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