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17 Unique Vintage Baby Boy Names That End in -S

Pregnancy Tanvier Peart Apr 28, 2017

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Even in our fast-progressing society, there will always be room for a few throwbacks. In fact, looking to the past for pointers and inspo is the thing to do these days. That definitely applies when it comes to finding retro-cool baby names -- particularly, those that end in a certain letter...

Laura Wattenberg, founder of BabyNameWizard.com, believes names ending in -s have a certain power to them. "Classical -s endings appeal to parents with a distinguished antique style, accented with a pinch of mystery," notes Laura.

For example, she says that according to most baby name dictionaries, TobyTobiah, and Tobias are identical -- just different ways of writing the same biblical name -- "but in terms of fashion and impact, one stands apart." She adds, "Tobias is a fast-rising hit, far more popular than the other two names put together, thanks to the power of that final -s."

"Depending on the name, the effect can be scholarly, mythic, saintly, or downright dangerous," she adds.

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These antique baby names that end in -s continue to exhibit true staying power, as many of them are still making a splash today. Whether you're a fan of Greek classics or biblical namesakes, the chances of your finding a unique name for your short list is pretty high.



Parents infected with wanderlust might need an Atlas in their life. (See what we did there?) This Greek title carries the weight of the world on its shoulders, as Atlas is an infamous Titan who knows a thing or two about astronomy and navigation.



Interested in another vintage baby name that packs a punch? Try Marcellus. Pronounced mahr-SEHL-əs, Marcellus is Latin for "young warrior" and has an enchanting aura that will last for time to come.



Now here's a name you don't hear every day. Cephas, pronounced SEE-fəs, is an unusual title with Semitic roots. Aramaic for "rock," Cephas is a sturdy title with biblical significance, as Jesus called the disciple Simon (Peter) Cephas to signify the foundation of the Christian church. Pretty cool, right?



Though this name might remind you of an eraser, Erasmus is a special title with sweet meaning. Hailing from the Greek erasmios, Erasmus means "beloved," which perfectly sums up how parents feel about their little ones. And, if that doesn't entice you to consider this name, Saint Erasmus, the patron saint of sailors, had a fun nickname all kids will love: Elmo.

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If the name Perseus sounds oddly familiar to you, it should. Anyone who watched Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief or Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters might remember that Percy's name was actually Perseus. Though these films kinda flubbed Greek mythology (Perseus was the son of Zeus, not Poseidon), Perseus is believed to be a demigod -- whose name is unforgettable.



It's okay if the name Leonidas inspires you to yell "Sparta!" as you charge someone. Hopefully, you don't IRL, though we'll give you a few bonus points for remembering Gerard Butler had this name in the movie 300. The name Leonidas honors Leonidas I, a Spartan warrior and king who fought against the Persian army in 480 BC. (Leonidas is also Latin for "lion," which is pretty kick-ass.)

Though he lost (y'all saw the movie), Leonidas's name and vigor live on -- and that makes this title too awesome to pass up.



Talk about a baby name from wayyyyy back in the day! Nicodemus was a Pharisee born in 1 BC (that's a pretty long time ago) and was thought to be a member of the Jewish high court who met with Jesus and later became a Christian. Nicodemus also has roots in Greek, as the name comes from nikē (victory) and dēmos (people) that means "victory of the people."



In case you didn't know, Magnus is a baby name with "bigly" sentiments. Hailing from Latin, Magnus means "great" or "large" -- possibly describing your son's larger-than-life personality he'll develop over time.



Popular during the 1890s, Ulysses is the Latin version of the Greek Odysseus, who's a noted hero of the Trojan War. Ulysses also tips his hat to Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th president of the United States and general who helped win the Civil War for the Union Army.



Speaking of Caius ... this Latin title (it means "rejoice") finds a spot on this list of baby names with heirloom quality. Pronounced KAH-ee-us, Caius honors the third-century pope ... and one of the ancient vampires and leaders of the Volutri in the Twilight series.

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