Mom Shares Home Birth With Her Daughters in 30 Stunning Photos

Jeanne Sager | May 25, 2017 Pregnancy

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Apple Blossom Families

When Morag Hastings shows up at a birth, the doula and photographer is always excited if she sees the parents have opted to keep their older children around for the event.

"I love attending births with kids," the owner of Apple Blossom Families in Vancouver, British Columbia, tells CafeMom. "It is such a beautiful, normal, and life-educational experience. They gain so much confidence from getting to be present for their siblings' birth. Even if they are a bit nervous at times, they often reflect back on the experience with positive statements like 'I helped catch the baby.'"

Every birth is special -- for both the mom and Morag -- but a recent birth turned into a true "family affair," with Mary and Konstantin's 5-year-old and 2½-year-old running around, and a special visitor at the end. Ever wondered what it's like to have your kids attend your birth? Morag (and Mary) shared the gorgeous photos with CafeMom!

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